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[MUSIC PLAYING] I'm Greg Joondeph-Breidbort. And I am a data engineer. I'm a data science team at athenahealth. 

What did you find out? 

So here's what I think we're going to do. 

I am responsible for providing every team at athena with the data they need to answer all their business questions and make strategic business decisions. 

But we'll start here and generate the data. 

One of the competitive advantages of athenahealth's model as a cloud-based service provider is that we have access to troves and troves of data-- administrative data, clinical data. 

The client, essentially, needs information on document classification. 

One of the best parts about the job is that you're a detective at the company. You're really responsible for looking through all of these big sets of data, and really paring it down, really understanding what's important. And then crafting a story around that. 

Our chief operating officer came to us and said, we really want to understand how our doctors are performing as they're coming live on athena. We developed a whole set of performance indicators, a whole set of metrics, to understand what it means for a client to be doing well on athena. 

So what we have here is a map that actually shows all the different new go lives that are coming up around the country. And they're colored based on how healthy they are, in terms of how they're performing on these metrics. And then we turn that into this set of, essentially, beautiful data visualizations that live on these huge screens in our nerve centers. And people who are responsible for managing client performance can figure out if there are any acute issues going on. 

Health care data is being digitized at a rate unprecedented in the history of the United States. And athena is playing a critical role in the management and use of that data, to the point where, in the near future, our use of data and the insights that we're developing will start to drive some important policy decisions around health care in the United States. 

We actually have been working with academics to actually analyze this data and frame it in terms of the bigger industry. During the government shutdown in October of last year, the CDC actually stopped all their operations, and especially stopped tracking the flu data. And we actually picked that up, and we are able to report on where the flu was around the US while the government was shut down. 

Changing health care is an incredibly noble pursuit. And you get to do that every day here. 

The other thing I really love about athena is just the autonomy that you're given. If you have an idea, you're really encouraged to just take that idea and run with it, and figure out what it can turn into. So you can take your own vision and turn it into something really tangible.

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