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My name's Kevin Weaver. I'm a developer at Athena Health. My job is to develop an electronic health record that's easier for our clients to use. Our EHR is called Clinicals, and the new experience I'm working on is called Streamlined. 

There's all of these tests in [INAUDIBLE]? 


We believe in the sanctity of the relationship between the doctor and the patient, and we believe the technology should augment that, and not in a way that interrupts that relationship. 

You can search medication manufacturers in there. 

The team that I'm on is made up of individuals from multiple parts of research and development, so we have developers, we have product managers, we have usability and design experts, and all of us come together around this single problem and we put our heads together and solve it. So one problem that we classically have is when the doctor is ordering something to be done, for example, a prescription, a lab, a referral to another provider, there's a lot of data entry, and the problem that was posed to us was, is there any way we can make that easier for the provider? So we wanted to start things from the ground up with UX and usability involvement, and that has turned into this new, streamlined user experience. 

There's a lot of complexity in health care-- the clinical side of health care, the administrative side of health care-- and Athena plays the role of managing all of that complexity for caregivers. It goes beyond just writing the code for the platform. The development teams are equal partners at the table with the rest of the delivery teams in terms of defining and understanding the business problems that we're solving, helping to develop the solutions, and then being responsible for understanding what went well and what we could have done differently the next time. 

I like coming here every day because of the people. Everyone is really motivated, and it's great spending time with them, either doing work or just having fun. 

Electronic medical records should be making doctors' lives easier, but I still see a lot of untapped potential there, and one of the things that keeps me going is knowing that there's so much more that we can do to make this better.

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