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Hear what Amanda's job is like as an Account Manager in our Atlanta office working with our athenaCoordinator Enterprise clients, coordinating referrals and care for the providers she supports.


My name is Amanda Montgomery, and I work on athenaCoordinator Enterprise in the account management department. 

So we give these reports to our clients quarterly. 

As an account manager, I help providers move patient information from their office to a facility, whether that be a hospital or imaging center. So any type of order, being a surgery, or an MRI, or a CAT scan. And I work with a team who tries to do that electronically and through our software, Athena Coordinator Enterprise. 

Hi, I just wanted to call and follow up with you in regards to athenaCoordinator. 

Day-to-day, I'm on the phone, talking to clients. They'll call with concerns, making sure that a patient is eligible for any type of procedure that they're going in for. You have to make sure that they're financially cleared, that they had all the appropriate testing. So by the time the patient gets there, the hospital already has all the information. 

OK, not a problem. 

That's what we're here for. I have a passion for health care. And I used to work as a medical assistant. I loved working with patients. I loved working in the clinical atmosphere. I love even working with my providers. But there was a sense of chaos when it came to surgery scheduling or any type of lab scheduling. So having something like Athena Coordinator Enterprise alleviates that stress. And I love feeling like I get to positively impact the patient's well being. 

There's a lot of energy on my team. We go out to lunch, we sit very close together. We all get along really well. We're in a brand new space, the Ponce City Market building here in Atlanta. It's awesome. It's a mix of modern, industrial chic. And we have this awesome belt line. And it's literally right next to our office. The belt line is a 22-mile [? loop ?] around Atlanta that used to be an old train track. Now they're making it into an interactive trail, so people can bike, people can run, and skate, walk. And I'll go for a run during lunch, or pack a bag and go for a walk. I love coming into work every day. I love the culture. I love the atmosphere here. And I wouldn't want to work anywhere else. 

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