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James is a member of athenahealth's Network Onboarding Team.


[MUSIC PLAYING] My name is James Dantzler. I am a Project Associate on the Network Onboarding Team. And I'm based out of Atlanta, Georgia. 

Athena Health is a cloud-based electronic medical record service. So we help doctors' offices ranging in one provider to hundreds of providers. 

I go to different clients' offices, and I teach them how to use the system. I like to travel, so I get to go see different parts of America that I probably wouldn't see if I didn't have this job. 

Good morning, Cynthia. Good morning, Claudia. 

Morning, James. 


I've been to New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan, Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Washington DC, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida. That was all in the last 16, 18 months. 

Operate here. So it's set up. At 6:30, it says, hosp-- or whatever y'alls determination is. You can easily do it on your phone. 

I help doctors' offices run more efficiently. I'm out there training the providers, training the end users on how to use Athena to fit their needs. 

This is awesome. 


Going live on Athena is when a practice will use Athena for the first time. Everything that we do with the trainings and the meetings on site, that is all prep for go-time. And then, after we go live with the client, we'll stick with them for 30 days. And then we transition them to account management. 

How did I get to Athena? So I was referred to Athena by my brother who was referred to Athena by my cousin who was referred to Athena by my aunt. So we all work here now out of the Atlanta office. 

The culture at Athena is awesome. I really like the culture, different walks of life in Athena. Something that I tell all my friends about is that 30% of Athenistas change positions every single year. They've said I really would like to go work in this department, and it's been great for them. 

A takeback in the health care world means I overpaid you on Susie's claim. I'm just going to underpay you on Johnny's claim, and we'll call it even. 

I really enjoy working in health care. And Atlanta being a capital of health care IT, it's a great place for Athena to be. It's a great place for someone in the industry to be. And it's a changing, evolving industry that who knows what's going to be out there in the next five to 10 years.

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