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The stakes have never been higher for physicians. Among the tsunami of alphabet soup that the government is throwing out, PQRS, Meaningful Use, ICD-10, chronic care management program, transitions of care management. There's a lot that's going out there. 

First there were no quality measures, and then suddenly there were hundreds of measures. Last time I looked, there was 700 or 800 different quality measures kind of being managed across all the different quality programs that are available to clinicians in the nation. 

Amid already declining reimbursement. Programs that were originally bonus programs, like Meaningful Use and PQRS, are turning into penalties. Physicians could see up to a 9% decrease in their 2017 reimbursement based on their performance in 2015. These physicians are already operating on razor thin margins and that 9% bump could mean the difference between staying open or closing their practice. 

Many physicians don't even know that these penalties are coming. By 2017, 2018, they're going to wake up and it's already going to be too late. And they won't be able to recover. 

This could be something that really continues to squeeze them into oblivion because administering your own value-based payment program, if you're not in athena, it's really hard. 

We know that we have to earn the trust of our clients through performance year in, year out. We've done it before. We did with Meaningful Use Stage 1, where we got an industry leading 95% of our clients over the line. And we want to do it again with ICD-10, Meaningful Use 2, and PQRS. 

With PQRS, we're guaranteeing that providers will not be penalized based on their quality measures. It's very simple. We have you covered throughout the whole PQRS life cycle. We recommend the right measures, we ensure you perform well on those measures, and we report them to CMS. 

We'd like to think that we're guaranteeing peace of mind. There isn't a lot of fine print in our guarantees. Because at the end of the day, we want to ensure that when these programs come down the pipe, you don't have to worry about them. And you can focus on taking care of your patients and growing your business.

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