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Through the use of athenaClinicals, OrthoAtlanta has not only improved its ability to safely deliver patient-centered care, but each of its 17 physicians have also attested to Meaningful Use.


[MUSIC PLAYING] OrthoAtlanta is a group now of 17 physicians and 12 mid-level providers offering care in seven markets inside of metropolitan Atlanta. The founding members felt that what had been missing in their previous professional lives was a teaming with professional managers to create an infrastructure that could drive the work that they do and provide excellent musculoskeletal care and service to our patients.

Hi there.

Hi. How are you?

We have one-stop shopping for our patients offering clinical services, physical therapy, physiatry, and diagnostic, including MRI. So the culture is very patient-centric in the model that we try to deliver.

That's good. Any of that cause any discomfort doing that?

Just a little bit of pain.

Success means that the guys can continue to work without having to worry about where their next paycheck is coming from. They know that they can keep up with innovation because innovation is an important part of keeping up with medicine. And that we, basically, are prepared for the future.

So I'll pull up your x-ray for you so I can show you that.

If you're forward thinking and you know that in 10 years everyone's going to be on an electronic medical record, you have to dive into the pool sometimes. Most of us go to at least two offices. So to be able to get access to the same information at each of the offices, it allows us to follow someone not only in the office, but if I'm home on the weekend I can pull it up on my iPhone and look at their record. I can know if, one, they're really a patient within our group and two, what they had done and I can prescribe and do things in a much safer basis. It really is a safety thing for patients. Is allows us to take care of them a little bit better.

We knew that meaningful use was something that had to be done with all the high-tech and health care reform that's out there. We knew that that was just part of the process. And we were lucky that Athena is ahead of the game on that. They have a great meaningful use resource center that just helps you every step of the way.

What athena did very nicely is it incorporated meaningful use into their software. And by doing that, it really makes it seamless for us on the practical side of it in the office because we really don't have to do anything other than what we would normally do in our routine daily activities.

We were able to qualify for Stage I. All of our physicians have attested and we received $17,000 per physician.

athena's best asset is data. It's real-time data for me, as well as the people in the management team. When you have seven remote locations, we can-- through computer screens-- see what's going on in every location. And it's real-time data. It is critically important for us to be able to design processes that will improve operations.

athena has allowed us to really tighten up not only the flow of money, but where it is at any one time as it runs through our company. And so for example, the amount of time that money is out there in accounts receivable for us is a very, very short time, much shorter than what the national average would be.

Here's a knee, just so you see your other knee, which looks real good.

Because we used athena so thoroughly, we have been able to create an organization that is very financially sound. It's absolutely excellent.


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