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The New England Quality Care Alliance (NEQCA) leverages athenaCoordinator Enterprise to track key patient data—including claims history, quality history, and tests & screenings performed—to proactively identify the patients who would benefit most from their programs in achieving health improvement-related goals.


[MUSIC PLAYING] Well, the New England Quality Care Alliance is a network of 1,600 physicians in eastern Massachusetts. The role of the New England Care Alliance is helping the physicians adapt to an incredibly quickly changing health care environment with new demands, new expectations in terms of technology used, and the ability to manage populations, understand their health care needs, so that they can get the best possible care.


Hi Shelly. How are you?

Oh, I'm great. Thanks.

Good. It's nice to see you.

You too.

I have high blood pressure. My triglycerides were kind of high, and I was taking medication for it. Well, you know, that's not really the best way to live your life is on medication. You've got to do things and get rid of the problem instead of dealing with the symptoms.

When Shelly came to me she was about 240 pounds. And during the course of our time, very slowly, over about a year and a half, she is now down into 190s. So tell me, how have you been?

I joined a gym.

Good for you.

Oh, God. I can't believe I did that. I hate--

I was afraid that I was going to end up in a wheelchair, because I wasn't moving well. And there was no way that I had time in my life for a wheelchair.

The way we understood that she's a patient who would benefit from our programs is by using athena's ability to understand the complexity of patients, to have predictive modeling that would say that Shelly's the kind of person who, if she doesn't make some changes, she's likely to become sick in the future. The athena population management tool is in the background, and it's what enables us then, to reach out to those patients who will benefit most and help them accomplish their goals.

And that's the key.

Right after that--

That is such the key.

Now when you bring it out, all their information will be in the directory.

The thing that makes athena's population management tool so powerful is the sheer amount of data that's available through their system.

Yep. Just click it and drag it it in.

I can go directly to a patient's page, I can see their entire claims history. I can see their entire quality history, what tests they need done, what screenings they need done. They have something called an Add Multiple Results grid for every quality measure in the system. So what this allows you to do is you can see an entire list of patients who are eligible for a measure and for all the sub-measures that are associated with that.

We look at measures, for example, like diabetes care. Is the blood pressure of the patient with diabetes properly managed to target? Is the blood sugar managed? Are they getting the care that they need from physicians in terms of their laboratory moderating that has to be done regularly?

Those things we can track, because we have access to a data system like athena that actually brings that information together in one place and allows us to understand what's happening for that patient and what's happening for that group of patients that individual physicians, practices, local care organizations, and our network are responsible for caring for.

Every year since we've been working with athena, we continue to improve the quality of bonuses we earn, in terms of earning more each year.

And, kind of, collaborate across all the different components.

The athena tool makes it very easy to coordinate care. We can ask questions of our pharmacist very easily, supervisor review, RN review. Once we assign a task to them, it pops up on their calendar, so it makes it very easy. And you cant miss it.



Now it's the age-old issue.

What really matters at the end of the day is the impact we have on individual patients. And when I think about an example of that, Shelly is someone who comes to mind, because she's made incredible change in her life.

The whole thing is I'm not hiding anymore. I'm not hiding anything. I'm strutting it, and it feels great.

To watch Shelly walk into the office beaming and looking so happy and excited--

Good week.

Good for you.

--it's empowering.

You can't ask for a better approach to help us reshape health care that's quickly evolving so that it meets the needs of our patients. That's what I think the greatest thing is about working with athena.


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