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athenahealth helps community hospitals like Mt. Grant operate with efficiency and effectiveness, allowing them to focus on what really matters: the patient.


Hawthorne, Nevada is about two and 1/2 hours south of Reno, about six hours north of Las Vegas. There's a mountain range the runs north to south. And in between, there are vast desert areas. In some cases, you are one or two hours away in between towns. 

The mission for Mount Grant is to provide the service for those patients that would otherwise have to travel 50 miles or more to get service that they require. So it's absolutely critical that we keep this hospital alive. You can't do it without someone like athena in your corner. 

A typical day at Mount Grant involves everybody wearing multiple hats. You know, we are a very small organization. We have 100 employees total. athenahealth brings tools that would maximize the efficiencies of our staff. 

It has alleviated time, manpower, resources. And now our business office can focus their time on things we never thought imaginable before. athenahealth is cloud-based. What that means from a financial perspective is from the time we code our claims to the time those claims are billed and received at the payer's site is 24 hours. What used to take a week, or even two, we can now do in the same day. Since the athena transition, and only seven weeks in, we are already at 94% clean claim accuracy. And the volume of claims that go out the door will be a direct correlation of the revenue that comes in the door. 

athena has provided us with account managers, with programming staff, with rules engine staff, people that monitor our claims going out the door and looking for problems with those claims. 

The power of the athena network is as you're identifying and reporting issues to athena, they not only build the rules for you, specific to your facility, but those rules get put into a complete rules building system that all other facilities have access to. Anyone that adds an insurance payer that has never been part of that product or that group, we now have visibility to them. Last week, we reported five issues within 48 hours. Those five issues were already reported back to us as either resolved or distributed to their rules building team. 

We no longer feel like we're on an island. We feel like we're part of a major network that's a very knowledgeable network. 

I would definitely recommend athenahealth to a small, rural, community-based hospital. With the future as uncertain as it is, it's so important that facilities understand that you're going to have to have someone stand beside you through all these rule changes. And athenahealth is that company.

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