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By relying on athenahealth as a strong business partner, ESD Pediatric Group was able to decrease DAR from around 60 to approximately 20 days, with cash flow subsequently increasing by 95%. The eight-provider practice was also able to achieve almost 99% schedule density with the athenaCommunicator ReminderCall service, which reduced administrative burden.


So here's her weight curve. I still actually have plotted out--

The amounts of collections, the amount of cash flowing into our office is increased by 95%. And it's that cash flow that allows us to improve our practice.

Miss Coraline, how are you, today?

You can actually spend money in making the patient experience in our offices better. And it has revolutionized us. And so it makes us who we are today.

One of the things I like about athena is they're always looking for ways to make my job easier. When athenaCommunicator came out 2011, we were first in line to get on board with that. And that took the practice to another level.

That's where we do our reminder calls. That's where we have our patient communication. That's why our schedule density is darn near 99% on a regular basis.

And if anything else comes up, let us know.

Sure will.

Before that patient leaves my exam room, I'm putting a tickler within the system. That tickler stays in the system so that athena will then be calling, emailing, and texting to remind them that it was recommended that they get such and such a vaccine. They can actually be connected to a live operator, who actually makes that appointment for them on the fly.

I'm going to tickle your forehead.

That's taking work away from my staff and getting real value back for the service.

Great, 98.2.


We have two office locations. We also do see patients at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. So when you're electronic, and you're on a network, you can plug in from either location, and it works seamlessly together. So it allowed us to not only improve the care, but also centralize our resources. And that's something that we could not have done without athena.

No other questions for me?


Whether it's on my phone, whether it's on my tablet, whether it's on my computer, whether it's at the computer I'm rounding at in the local children's hospital, I can access the information everywhere at any time we need it-- 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

So she's actually doing really well from--

I can go right into the patient's chart on my phone, click, click, click. Not only have I electronically sent that prescription over to them. I've also documented that in my chart, so that if my partner sees that child the next day, they'll know exactly what I did in real time.

And I can answer these questions in my workflow during the day. I can sit there while I'm just parked. I'll buzz through a couple of patient cases. If you do that to a patient once or a patient gets that back from you once, the whole impression of your practice, the whole impression of who you are as a doc goes through the roof.


Athenahealth allows me to be a better doc. They allow my patients to really feel that from me and get a level of service that is different. It's a level above, and that's why our practice has grown.


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