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athenaheath’s cloud-based services drive clinical and financial results for health care enterprises of all types by helping them manage populations, coordinate care, increase profitability, and improve the clinical workflow.


Hello. I'm Jonathan Bush. At athenahealth, we partner with health care enterprises of all types-- ranging from multi-state for-profit chains to specialty groups to retail clinics and the largest health systems in the country. Our cloud-based services drive clinical and financial results by helping them manage populations, coordinate care, increase profitability, and improve the clinical workflow. But don't take it from me. Listen to some of our enterprise clients.

athena's been very helpful by providing tools to us at an affordable price, that meet our needs, that fit into the work force we have in our practices, and make it possible for us to actually accomplish the goals of improving the quality of care that we provide to our patients.

athenahealth gives us the opportunity to use a cloud-based system that delivers the same tools, the same information, the same updates, the same financial structure, the same electronic medical records structure, the practice management system to multiple locations all at the same time.

My physicians now have the ability to access athena either on their smartphone or from home, on their iPad, or on their computer work. If they're on-call, they can get on to athena and see everything they need to see about taking care of that patient.

I like the fact that somebody else is taking all of that heavy lifting out of my operation, controlling my costs, and helping me give great patient care to the community.

We depend upon athena to act as our safety net. Because they build complex rules into their system, they work with us to identify new insurance products and the nuances in those products. They help us navigate that complexity.


athena gives me the information I need to understand where the opportunities are for improvement, and then to to feed it back to the physicians and their staff in a way that's straightforward and easy to use.

athena is our dashboard, so I can go in every day and see how much cash have we collected, where do our days in the OR sit, where are we having problems that need to be addressed from a revenue cycle perspective?

Our revenue is accelerating, and we're approaching 20% growth. And we would not have been able to achieve that type of acceleration without having a scalable solution like athena's.

We can drill down and look at how our physicians are doing compared to your national averages in terms of coding, quality metrics. And when you show people where they are, based upon their peers, it's a great way to get them motivated.


Day in, day out, it's the single patient, one person at a time, the outreach from the practices, the work with the care managers. It's helping individuals really take control over their health and make decisions that lead to better health over time. The athena tool is in the background doing the hard look at figuring out who's going to benefit most.

We really feel like we've identified a partner that is highly credible in looking at medicine the way we look at medicine from a physician- and a patient-centric point of view to make sure that we're getting the best outcomes.

I invite you to explore our website now and find out more. But even better, give us a call to learn how we can help your organization drive results and fulfill its mission.


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