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In this video, explore how athenahealth drives results for our clients and see how our teams and technologies are working by your side to ensure more revenue and efficiency, better clinical performance, and more engaged patients.


At Athena Health, we're committed to driving results for our clients, more revenue and efficiency, better clinical performance, more engaged patients. Others sell software, we sell results. Simple. So how do we deliver? Follow me and I'll show you.

First stop, our network operation center or NOC. This is mission control for our nationwide network.

24 hours a day.

365 days a year.

This team is monitoring the network-- every connection in node to ensure it's always up in responses. The results, 99.7% up time. That's no small feat when you consider the scale-- 51 million patient records, one billion electronic transactions a year. With all of our practices on a single network, we have unparalleled visibility to monitor and improve your performance.

Next up, onboarding. We know going live on a new EHR is a big deal. We watch our new practices like hawks to ensure a smooth implementation experience. Are providers completing pre-live trainings? How quickly are they closing encounters? How about patient check-in tasks?

We look for slow downs. If you spot one, we get on the phone with the practice and tackle it head on. The results, we help practices big and small go live quickly and efficiently. Take one of our enterprise clients, we brought a 1,000 providers live in a single week.

Implementation is just the beginning. Unlike software vendors, we don't kick back once practices go live. Check out the optimization nerve center.

We track, benchmark, and coach the entire network of more than 60,000 providers to peak performance. We know what really counts is when the results add up. Average increase in collections, 6%. Average decrease in days in accounts receivable, 35%. Meaningful use attestations, 95%. Best in the country-- just saying.

With our network visibility, we're not only driving practice performance, we're also helping manage your patient population. At our population health nerve center, we track population health data to identify gaps in care that needs to be filled. We reach out by email, phone, text, and our patient portal-- whatever it takes to drive patient in need of care to your practice. This adds up to more revenue for your practice and better care for your patients.

So that's just a glimpse of what we do for you. Our cloud based software, network knowledge, and hard work deliver results.

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