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Experience the inspirational work of New Braunfels Volunteers in Medicine and see how athenahealth helps connect care for the uninsured.


Are you here to check in for your appointment? 

Yes, ma'am. 

All right. 

The patients that I see here run the gamut. They seem to all have some evidence of depression. Many are overweight. 

They have hypertension and high blood pressure. They have diabetes, a lot of elevated cholesterol. Kind of unhealthy bunch. 

We see all of our patients for free. 

I'm Dr. Uchman, how are you? 

We have a little over 8,500 patients that we are currently serving. Texas has one of the largest populations of uninsured. Many of them are working people.

They have multiple jobs, but no benefits. And they also make a little too much money to warrant any subsidies for the Affordable Care Act. Last year I was referred to Jamie Mercurio who works for Athena Health in an area called Athena Gives. 

So if you can that in a different part. 

And I was very excited, because Athena has a great reputation, especially in clinical outcomes. 

Clinics receive more than just the software. They also receive all of the lessons and knowledge that we're learning from our providers across the country. In addition, they get the benefit of having Athena employees working behind the scenes, and really supporting their mission to provide quality care. 

What Athena allows us to do is follow the train of thought that the other providers have had. 

Kidney functions were excellent. 


And I think the patients benefit from that. 

This enabled our clinic to have the same type of electronic medical record that the best clinic or the best private practice in the United States could offer. 

Have you on Reglan and gabapentin-- 

You can gather so much information looking at are we getting everyone's blood pressure under control, are we getting diabetes under control. We're completely run on donations and grants that come from foundations. And they want to know that we're making a difference. And we're actually able to give them the data that shows that we are able to do that. 

Crestor, I gave you the samples-- 

Free clinics are very challenged right now. But because of Athena, we have the opportunity to demonstrate our value. And that is one of the greatest contributions that we've ever had. 

Number one on your list, stop smoking. 


I know I need to quit smoking. And I'm going to have teeth in two days. And that was through here too. I just never thought that I could get this kind of help. And anyway, I love these folks.

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