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Christus Provider Network has leveraged athenahealth's services to share data seamlessly across 72 clinic locations in two states. Patient collections per encounter have increased by 37%, DAR has decreased to 33.5 days, and they have achieved a complete turnaround in financial performance.


[MUSIC PLAYING] Christus Provider Network is one of the 10 largest Catholic health care providers in the US. We operate in two different states, both Louisiana and the state of Texas. We have approximately 225 providers, and we operate 72 different clinics. Our mission is to provide health care to everyone who comes to our door regardless of their ability to pay. So I want to make sure that we're using our resources wisely, that we're good stewards, so that we can provide the maximum amount of care with the resources that we have.

When I came on board at Christus, we were in a bit of a difficult financial situation. Losses were accelerating, and we needed to make some changes. So Christus hired myself and Dr. Plantes to help change the direction of the organization.

When our new team arrived here, we linked up with athenahealth, and they knew we were very serious in doing a practice turn around. And we had to almost put it up on jacks and rebuild the foundation underneath. athenahealth was the tool that we use to engineer rebuilding that foundation.

Over the course of the time that we've implemented athena, our patient collections, our collections per encounter, have gone from just about $65 per encounter to close to $90 per encounter. So we've seen a 37% increase in our collections per encounter, and our overall days in AR have gone from 48 days down to 33 1/2 days.

When we budget to a number with athenahealth, that's what it delivers each month. I can plan off of that, and it means that our operations are successful. It means that our financials are not strained by unexpected expenses.

At the end of the day, I think our mission is best exemplified in the clinics. If we can make it as easy as possible for the physicians to see the patients and provide good quality care, that's what we're here for.


Hey. Hello Dr. Kemp.

How are you today?

Behind each door is that magic of the doctor and the patient relationship working with a sophisticated tool like athenahealth that all interconnects through the whole system.

What I like about the athena tools the most is the connectivity with other providers in our network.

All of our providers use athena. What that means is the patients' have one chart for all of the physicians that they see. That is excellent for physicians, and it's also excellent for patients. They love it.

Thrilled that you're exercising.


Just that walking is fantastic.


I think when I'm talking to my patients in an exam room, one of the biggest strengths that I have with athena is just the ability to present data to them. And really communicate to them why I'm making decisions, why I want to discuss certain things.

You know I can graph out your vitals and--

As a physician, I really love to see my patients get healthier. I love wellness. I love preventive care. I love showing them how one day their labs, their results, their weight, their lifestyle, was one way and encouraging them and seeing success. We do a lot of high fives. We do a lot of congratulating.

With clinicals I'm able to pull up a face sheet on a patient, and just get a snapshot of exactly everything that's going on in the patient's world-- from their lab, to last time I saw them, their allergies or medications. athena helps me with tools that prompt me to remember to check the labs that need to be checked, to council the patient when they need to be counseled. They have quality management built into the system that helps me do my job. Big deep breaths.

I think the main way athena has helped me to achieve more meaningful communication with my patients is through the use of athenaCommunicator. My patients can contact me electronically through their secure website, and I really am in touch on a very personal level with my patients in a way that I never have been in my multiple years of practice. My patients notice it. They love it.

I think given our mission and given athena's abilities, together we'll be able to address the needs that are coming forward in the future. So the ability to provide high-quality care in the most appropriate cost setting, I think that that's going to be very achievable working with athena.


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