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Learn how our enterprise-sized health care clients have benefitted from leveraging athenahealth’s cloud-based revenue cycle management solution, which provides a real-time dashboard to help improve operations through ongoing performance monitoring.


We started our Athena relationship with the Athena Collector product. And right out of the gate, we improved our cash flow.

Athena is our dashboard, so I can go in every day and look and see how much cash have we collected, where do our days in AOR sit, where are we having problems that need to be addressed from a revenue cycle perspective?

Our revenues now are approaching $350 million and we're approaching 20% growth. And we would not have been able to achieve that type of acceleration without having a scalable solution like Athena.

Over the course of the time that we've implemented Athena, our patient collections, our collections per encounter, have gone from just about $65 per encounter to close to $90 per encounter. So we've seen a 37% increase in our collections per encounter. And our overall days in AR have gone from 48 days down to 33.5 days.

That's money in our pocket, which we can then turn around and use in the system to fund other types of programs, other technologies, education that our caregivers and our facilities need to care for our patients.

You can go out and spend a lot of money up front and invest in the system that is going to constantly be needing upgrades. Or you can take the Athena approach, the Cloud based model where it's low upfront cost, you pay a consistent percentage of collections. And for us, that's a huge benefit.

What I love about the Cloud based idea is that you get the benefit of seeing how practices are doing things everywhere and learning what best practices really are.

Athena has close to 40,000 users on Athena Collector. That allows us to have perspective not only on how we're doing, but how a huge segment of the physician population is doing nationally.

What makes Athena to me stand out is the partnership. I have a whole team of people at my back that wrap themselves around me to make sure that we succeed.

The reporting that comes out of Athena allows me to quickly move my staff out to help those doctors who most need the help. Then we can provide a better experience for both our patients and our physicians.

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