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Strong practice management for your bottom line

Our practice management approach focuses on results, getting practices paid 32% faster and resolving 94% of claims on first attempt.

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Improved collections 

Efficient practice management that gets you paid more

By working at massive scale for our clients, athenahealth drives results with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. It’s part of our proven approach to practice management, partnering with you to optimize your performance.

Keeping claims clean—and getting providers paid

We keep you ahead of payer changes with our patented Billing Rules Engine, a database of more than 40 million payer rules. Here’s how it works: The Rules Engine automatically alerts you to any issue with a claim, so you can address it before the claim is submitted. You’re more likely to submit clean claims and collect payment faster.

Our Payer Intelligence team diligently keeps the Rules Engine up-to-date, researching payer information and tracking claims from our network of more than 55,000 providers. If a claim is denied, we help fix it and add a new rule, so that denial never occurs again for an athenahealth provider.

Solving remittance processing

The remittance process shouldn’t take days and days. Our unique partnership with U.S. Bank® decreases time, boosts efficiency, and has significant advantages over other remittance processors. Your practice receives a secure, high-quality lockbox service that seamlessly connects to our back-office service teams, all at no additional charge.  

Partnering with you to drive results

Getting providers paid isn’t just part of our mission, it’s central to our business. Rather than charge a substantial monthly or software fee, we directly invest in your success by charging a small percentage of collections. That’s why we take on your most tedious practice management work, provide free coaching, and keep you on top of industry change.

27M+ claims submitted per quarter

94% of all claims resolved the first time

6% boost in collections for practices1

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Our cloud-based services include:

Medical Billing & Practice Management 

Providers on our medical billing and practice management service get paid more, faster, with less work.

Electronic Health Records 

Our award-winning Electronic Health Records (EHR) service gives providers greater control, so they can focus on what they do best.

Patient Engagement 

Patient communication services that reduce no-shows by 8% and keep providers better connected to our patients.

Order Management 

A complete end-to-end service for seamless care coordination across the continuum, no matter where patients seek care.


Clinical intelligence from the most trusted mobile medical reference is embedded inside our EHR workflow.

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