• Increase in Collections, Decrease in DAR metrics:

    Our clients see an average 8% increase in collections and 29% decrease in days in accounts receivable.


    Based on a weighted average for athenahealth clients with valid pre-athenahealth benchmark data that had their 15-month anniversary with athenahealth through 9/30/2012.

  • No-Show Rate Metric:

    Our athenaCommunicator® clients see, on average, an 8% lower no-show rate.


    Based on a comparison of the highest no-show rate among clients with athenaCommunicator and the average rate for appointments without the service for the year ending September 30, 2012.

  • Adoption Rate Metric:

    athenahealth clients see, on average, 97% adoption of our EHR.


    Percentage of athenaClinicals users who close more than 80% of encounters electronically (97% close all of their encounters electronically).

  • Other Disclaimers:

    Federal Stimulus Guarantee

    As a service-based EHR, our monthly fee is the only payment we receive from our clients for our EHR. If you don't receive the Federal Stimulus reimbursement dollars for the first year you qualify, we will credit you 100% of your EHR service fees for up to six months until you do. This offer applies to HITECH Act reimbursement payments only. Additional terms, conditions, and limitations apply. Click here for FAQs

    ICD-10 Guarantee

    For any practice that enters into an initial agreement for the provision of athenaOne services and goes live on those services by 6/30/15, we guarantee that athenahealth will be ICD-10 compliant or we will waive our service fees until the compliance standards are met. This promotion may be modified or canceled any time at athenahealth's sole discretion. Additional terms, conditions, and limitations apply.


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  • Best in KLAS:

    2012: Ambulatory EHR (1-10 physicians) and Practice Management (1-10 physicians & 11-75 physicians), as reported in the 2012 Best in KLAS Awards report

    2013: Practice Management (1-10 physicians & 11-75 physicians), Patient Portal, Overall Software Vendor, and Overall Physician Practice Vendor, as reported in the 2013 Best in KLAS Awards report

    Ambulatory EMR Usability 2013: More Nurture than Nature,” May, 2013.

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  • Legal:

    Patents: athenaCollector, U.S. patents #7,617,116, #7,720,701, #8,332,287, and U.S. patents pending; athenaClinicals, #8561,882 and U.S. patents pending.

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