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The Power of Cloud Intelligence

Review the performance of more than 59,000 caregivers on the athenahealth network to see how we help keep claims clean, reduce DAR, and more.

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Achieving Practice Growth with Data from athenaCollector

When Midlands Orthopaedics, a member of Arcis Healthcare, LLC, wanted to pioneer the performance of a new hip resurfacing procedure in their outpatient surgery center, athenaCollector was instrumental in gathering the data needed by payers to authorize payment for this innovative procedure.

A Dramatic Level of Support

Hospital and health system CIOs have a high level of responsibility to innovate and be strategic. athenahealth’s cloud-based services help take work off their plates by providing the data they need to improve operations and make sound decisions in a real-time atmosphere.

An Immediate Return on Investment

athenahealth’s integrated suite of cloud-based services provides the data COOs need to maximize profits and fuel growth. Providers benefit from decreased paperwork and convenient, 24/7 access to patient charts, freeing up more time for them to focus on patient care.

athenaClinicals for Pediatric Providers

athenaClinicals provides pediatricians with access to a cloud-based, flexible EMR to gain more control of their practice and boost their bottom line while also providing great patient care. athenahealth's EMR is easy to use and constantly updated, with no interruptions to practice workflow.

athenaClinicals Helps Large Oregon Practice Achieve Meaningful Use

Evergreen Family Medicine, a 20-physician urgent and family care practice, transitions from paper charts to athenahealth’s cloud-based EHR and practice management services to improve efficiencies, streamline their workflow, attest to Meaningful Use of an EHR.

athenaClinicals Service Overview

Our cloud-based electronic medical record software provides greater clinical control and more insight into medical practices while boosting efficiency and revenue. athenaClinicals enables providers to focus more time on patient care and less time on administrative work.

athenaCollector Service Overview

athenaCollector, our cloud-based medical billing and practice management solution, takes care of the most time-consuming practice management tasks, simplifies scheduling, gets providers paid more money more quickly, and increases the focus on patient care.

athenaCommunicator Service Overview

Our cloud-based patient engagement system and services go well beyond medical scheduling software by improving patient interactions outside of the office. Practices become more competitive, compliant, and accessible to patients while improving their bottom lines.

athenahealth Helping Cardiologists Thrive

athenahealth services allow Levine Heart and Wellness to thrive as an independent practice by removing the hassles of the busines of medicine, offering easy billing, better access to data, tools like Epocrates inside Clinicals, and better care coordination.

athenahealth Helps Practices Stay Strong

athenahealth helps Dr. Tidwell and Associates in Obstetrics and Gynecology (AOG) see more patients and be more efficient while still staying on schedule and proving excellent, personal care. These OB/GYN providers also have anytime, anywhere mobile access to critical data needed to deliver high quality care in multiple settings. The practice has seen a 12% increase in net collections and DAR has dropped from 200 to 25, which is helping it to remain independent.

athenahealth Patient Portal Improves Patient Communication

The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group has improved patient engagement by leveraging the patient portal within athenaCommunicator, which provides easy online access, increases efficiency, and allows patients to be more accountable in their care process.

athenahealth’s Meaningful Use Guarantee

Our cloud-based platform and real-time rules engine enable us to incorporate new Meaningful Use (MU) mandates as they are announced. We are offering a HITECH Guarantee of stimulus money because we're so confident our EMR, athenaClinicals, will meet the mandates for MU.

Behind the Scenes with athenahealth's Meaningful Use Support Team

We have made it a priority to guarantee that eligible clients achieve and get paid for Meaningful Use. 100% of our clients are using the latest version of athenaClinicals, a 2014 Certified Complete EHR. We have dedicated significant resources to helping clients reap the rewards from this program.

Better Care Coordination with athenahealth

With athenahealth services, Infants and Children of West Palm Beach and Jupiter, Florida has dramatically improved workflow efficiency, resulting in less time spent worrying about the administrative side of the practice, more effective care coordination, and ultimately a better patient experience.

Cardiologists Gain Flexibility and Control with athenaClinicals

With athenahealth’s cloud-based electronic medical record, athenaClinicals®, cardiologists are freed from administrative burdens related to financial and insurance issues. They are able to leverage the EHR's flexible functionality to meet their needs and maximize time spent providing patient care.

CaroMont Family Medicine Uses athenahealth's Services to Deliver Patient-Centered Care

CaroMont Family Medicine, a large, multispecialty, hospital-owned physician group located outside Charlotte, N.C., has adopted athenahealth's integrated suite of services to improve operations and enable its providers to meet Meaningful Use of an electronic health record.

Connecting Care and Growth with athenahealth

The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group leverages athenahealth services to connect seven different locations, document time-sensitive information using Entrada Digital Dictation within athenaClinicals, improve patient care, and remain strong, viable, and independent.

Cook Children's Health Care System uses Cloud-Based EMR for Flexibility

Physicians at Cook Children's Health Care System, a 1,200 physician organization spanning 22 states, use athenahealth's cloud-based EMR to share clinical data across the system. athenaClinicals® allows them to remain connected, flexible, and up-to-date with industry and payer changes.

Dr. Masucci gets paid faster

Dr. Peter Masucci needed a better way to manage his medical billing. Since implementing athenaCollector, athenahealth's medical billing software and practice management system, his medical billing frustrations have been alleviated and his bottom line has improved.

Dr. Masucci streamlined his practice with athenaClinicals

Using athenahealth's cloud-based electronic medical record software, athenaClinicals®, helps pediatrician Peter Masucci, MD, by allowing him to complete certain tasks electronically—such as processing lab transactions—which frees up more time to focus on patients, instead of paperwork.

Effective Population Management with athenahealth

Steward Health Care Systems's Attleboro location, one of 11 hospital campuses, has been able to effectively coordinate care across the ACO's population with athenahealth's cloud-based services. In this video, see how athenahealth enables seamless access to data and tracking of quality measures which are critical to successful population management.

Enabling a Turnaround in Financial Performance through the Seamless Sharing of Insight and Analytics

Christus Provider Network has leveraged athenahealth’s services to share data seamlessly across 72 clinic locations in two states. Patient collections per encounter have increased by 37%, DAR has decreased to 33.5 days, and they have achieved a complete turnaround in financial performance.

Family Medicine patients pleased with online access

Family Medicine Associates of South Attleboro adopted athenaCommunicator, which provides web-based medical scheduling software and other automated communication tools. Patients use the medical scheduling software to request appointments, securely receive test results, and pay outstanding bills.

Family Practice Specialists Maintains Growth and Independence with athenahealth

The use of athenahealth’s cloud-based medical billing and electronic health record services has allowed Family Practice Specialists of Phoenix, Ariz., to grow from three to nine providers, optimize clinical activity, and quickly grow revenues in a highly organized way.

From Paper Charts to Meaningful Use in 6 Months

Family practice physician Reavis T. Eubanks, MD, adopted athenahealth’s EHR service and took full advantage of our client support program to help him demonstrate Meaningful Use. After using athenaClinicals for six months, he attested to Meaningful Use and received his government incentives.

Grace Family Medical Practice is Better Now With athenahealth

Dr. Bernadette Sheridan runs a busy, full service medical practice. Grace Family Medical Practice recently adopted athenahealth's practice management and EHR services to help improve their workflow and increase their bottom line, while still giving patients the personal touch they deserve.

Health Management Associates Selects athenahealth for Strategic Partnership

athenahealth's medical billing and EMR solutions will be implemented for Health Management Association's employed physician network of more than 1,200 providers operating in 15 states, as well as for nearly 10,000 independent physicians affiliated with Health Management hospitals.

Helping Independent Practices Thrive with athenahealth

OB/GYN specialists practice in both clinics and hospitals, so it is crucial to able to access up-to-date patient records whenever and wherever they need them. In this testimonial, see how athenaClinicals enables Women's Specialty Care's physicians to provide better care, and find out how athenahealth enables the practice to stay independent with its billing collections and data management services.

How our Rules Engine Works

Imagine a team of experts and thousands of other practices working on your behalf, finding medical billing problems and fixing them before they reach your practice. When you're connected to athenahealth's proprietary engine of medical billing and clinical rules, this is exactly what happens.

Hudson Headwaters: Converting to a Patient Centered Medical Home

Hudson Headwaters needed to adopt an EHR service to become a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH). Turning to athenahealth's cloud-based services has allowed physicians to focus on patients and also encouraged patients to become active participants in their health care.

Huron Valley Physicians Association Helps Moore Pediatrics Gain Efficiencies with athenahealth

Previously on separate practice management and electronic medical record (EMR) systems, Moore Pediatrics was seeking an "all in one" solution, which Huron Valley Physicians Association helped the organization find in athenahealth’s integrated suite of cloud-based services.

Infants and Children Pediatrics Works Smarter with athenaCommunicator

West Palm Beach-based Infants and Children Pediatrics has leveraged athenahealth’s patient engagement service, athenaCommunicator®, to dramatically improve patient connectivity, while also using medical billing service athenaCollector® to substantially decrease its average DAR.

Keeping Care in the Community

Find out how athenahealth's cloud-based services have enabled Steward Health Care Systems to improve care coordination and keep care local and in-network with an easy-to-use EHR, seamless sharing of patient records, and complete portability across devices and locations.

Manahawkin Urgent Care Weathers Hurricane Sandy with athenaClinicals

After Hurricane Sandy devastated the coastal New Jersey communities surrounding Manahawkin Urgent Care, the practice was able to return to business as usual within three days, thanks to its cloud-based electronic medical record services provided by athenaClinicals®.

Mount Auburn Hospital Achieves Meaningful Use with athenahealth

Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Mass., successfully attested to, and achieved, Meaningful Use in just eight short months through the use of athenahealth's cloud-based electronic medical record software, athenaClinicals®, and the accompanying Meaningful Use support plan.

OB/GYNs Rely on the Portability of athenaClinicals to Provide 24/7 Patient Care

Whether it’s accessing patient records on-the-go or leveraging the cloud-based electronic health record to exchange clinical information with fellow providers, athenaClinicals® provides OB/GYNs with the flexibility needed to care for their patients 24/7.

OrthoAtlanta Turns to athenaClinicals to Improve Operations and Achieve Meaningful Use

Through the use of athenahealth’s cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR), athenaClinicals®, OrthoAtlanta has not only improved its ability to safely deliver patient-centered care, but each of its 17 physicians has also attested to Meaningful Use.

Orthopedic Surgeons Free to Focus on Patient Care with athenaClinicals

Orthopedic surgeons discuss the key benefits of athenaClinicals®, athenahealth’s cloud-based electronic medical record software, including its portability, flexibility and efficiency, all of which enables them to focus more on providing patient care.

Patient Population Management Made Easy with athenaCoordinator Enterprise

The New England Quality Care Alliance (NEQCA) leverages athenaCoordinator Enterprise to track key patient data—including claims history, quality history, and tests & screenings performed—to proactively identify the patients who would benefit most from their programs in achieving health improvement-related goals.

Pediatric Partners: A Fast-Growing Practice Focused on Innovation

Pediatric Partners in San Diego, Calif., uses athenahealth's cloud-based medical billing and EMR services to get paid more, faster. The practice quickly saw a large reduction in days in accounts receivable and an increase in revenue, helping to fuel the practice’s growth.

Physician views on athenahealth's EMR, athenaClinicals

athenaClinicals® combines flexible, web-based software, a clinical rules engine and back-office services, and promises Meaningful Use guarantee money to qualified physicians. Key benefits of our EHR include improved efficiency in clinical workflow processes and increased revenue potential.

Power of PayerView

PayerView is the industry's leading quantitative report, providing unprecedented insight into the provider-payer relationship with objective, data-driven methodologies. PayerView data helps create an industry-wide dialogue on how breakdowns in the medical claims billing process can be addressed.

Practice Managers Tout Their Success in Switching to athenahealth’s Services

From top-notch customer service and smooth implementations to convenient access to real-time patient data and improvements in DAR, athenahealth and its integrated suite of cloud-based services have made it easier and more efficient for practice managers to run their practices.

Rosedale Infectious Disease: Using the Patient Portal

Since implementing athenahealth’s patience communication service, athenaCommunicator®, Rosedale Infectious Disease has received highly positive feedback from patients who can access lab results and request appointments online through the patient portal.

Rural Health Testimonial: Dr. Allen Gee, WY

Dr. Allen Gee leverages athenahealth's medical billing software, real-time rules engine and back-office services to run his neurology practice. Because he travels up to 100 miles to his clinics, Dr. Gee benefits from athenahealth’s practice management system that he can access anywhere, anytime.

Success with athenahealth’s Integrated Suite of Services

DiToppa Medical Center in White Oak, Pa., switched to athenahealth's integrated suite of cloud-based medical billing, electronic health record (EHR) and patient communication services to help run their busy medical practice and improve their clinical workflow.

Taking Chances in the Right Direction

Discover how athenahealth’s cloud-based services and ability to “push the envelope” with innovative approaches benefit forward-thinking CEOs by helping them take smart chances in the right direction, with the ultimate goal of providing better care for patients.

The History of Meaningful Use

The HITECH Act and its Meaningful Use provision are rapidly reshaping the funding and implementation for EHR adoption in the US. According to the Act, each physician is eligible to receive up to $44,000 in total incentives from Medicare for "meaningful use" of a certified EMR starting in 2011.

The Whole Child Center

athenaClinicals® removes the bulk of paperwork and the most time-consuming tasks from medical practices. The Whole Child Center in Oradell, N.J., uses athenahealth's cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) to help improve their practice efficiency and spend more time with patients.

This is How athenahealth Helps You Get Your Meaningful Use Dollars

Our cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) helped 96% of our eligible providers get paid for Meaningful Use. With our innovative combination of Best in KLAS* EHR* software, clinical expertise and back-office services, we guarantee your Meaningful Use payments.

Understanding a Patient Population

CMOs discuss how partnering with athenahealth for its flexible cloud-based services helps ensure the portability of patients’ health information and provides them with the information accessibility needed to effectively manage patient populations and implement better care.

VaccineView Overview

VaccineView brings transparency to the vaccine reimbursement process. Low and inconsistent vaccine reimbursement is creating financial difficulties for pediatricians and general practitioners who serve children and public health. Are you being properly reimbursed for the full cost of vaccinations?

Valley Medical Receives Medical Home Certification

Valley Medical Associates leveraged athenaClinicals®, athenahealth’s cloud-based electronic medical record, to help achieve National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Level 3 Patient Centered Medical Home certification. The practice was impressed with the EMR’s ability to support its outreach efforts, disease management, and practice guidelines.

What Does the Cloud Mean for Medical Groups?

Are you wondering why there’s so much buzz around cloud computing? Or what it means to use “cloud-based services”? To add some perspective, we brought in the technology editor of The Today Show to explain how our safe, secure and easy-to-access cloud-based services can help your practice thrive.

What is athenahealth?

athenahealth provides medical billing, EMR, and care coordination services to more than 47,000 medical providers. With a combination of cloud-based software, a patented billing rules engine and back-office services, athenahealth can help you get paid more, faster, with less hassle.

Who We Are: Insight into the athenahealth Culture

At athenahealth, our mission is to be caregivers' most trusted service, helping them do well doing the right thing. With our innovative technology and unflagging enthusiasm, we help physicians focus on patients and get paid for the care they deliver.

Wilson Stream Family Practice Maintains its Independence with athenahealth

Once faced with revenue struggles and increases in overhead, Wilson Stream Family Practice in Farmington, Maine, is now able to sustain a three-provider, independent community practice, thanks to athenahealth's cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) service, athenaClinicals®.

Wright State Physicians

athenaCollector provides a combination of medical billing software, a patented medical billing rules engine, and back-office services. Having a centralized medical billing system has allowed Wright State Physicians to improve their daily workflow and get paid more, faster, and with less hassle.

Case Studies

Independent OB/GYN Drives Deeper Patient Loyalty and Clinical Integration

Find out how athenahealth’s suite of cloud-based services enabled Dr. Tidwell and Associates in Obstetrics and Gynecology to decrease the practice’s DAR by 10.97% and no-show rate by 16.22% with cleaner claims and a 24/7 patient portal, all while maintaining the highest quality of care.

Independent Orthopedic Surgeon Gains Clinical Efficiencies

See how athenahealth’s suite of cloud-based services gives Dr. Diveris the ability to provide higher quality care without sacrificing schedule density with its efficient EHR workflow and customizable templates. Also, explore how Diveris Orthopedics increased collections by 25.85% and decreased DAR by 17.51% with athenaCollector practice management technology and services.

Meaningful Use Stage 2 Attestation No Problem for Maine Family Practice

Wells Family Practice was one of the first providers to attest for Meaningful Use 2 with athenahealth’s cloud-based services behind it. Find out how Dr. DiCapua and his wife leveraged custom workflows to meet the “easy” measures, and the athenaCommunicator patient engagement service to satisfy trickier ones like secure electronic messaging.

Both Mission and Margin Thrive for 150-year-old Health Network

CHRISTUS, a Catholic nonprofit health care system of 300 providers and 72 practices, was facing major financial stability challenges in 2011. After losing its entire revenue cycle management team, they partnered with athenahealth - resulting in a $10 million per year reduction in expenses, an increase in collection per encounter from $65 to $90, and a decrease in DAR from 48 to 33.5 days.

Growing an OB/GYN Group While Improving Care

Unified Physician Management emphasizes the importance of focusing on patient care. The largest OB/GYN practice in the nation credits much of its success to athenahealth services. With athena, the practice has reduced costs and providers can more easily understand patient data, a benefit for both providers and patients.

Orthopedic Practice Gets Support Needed To Innovate and Excel

By implementing athenahealth’s full suite of cloud-based services, Midlands Orthopedics, has been able to deliver care across a range of subspecialties while also reducing DAR by 34.9% and increasing collections by 53.66%. Partnering with athenahealth also allowed the practice to offer innovative outpatient procedures by helping it find payers to who would reimburse these non-traditional services.

$1.7 Million Increase in Annual Collections

By implementing athenaCollector®, athenahealth’s cloud-based medical billing solution, Triangle Orthopaedic Associates, P.A., has gained greater visibility into practice performance, increased annual collections and profit, and decreased both staff and days in accounts receivable.

A Decade of Partnership Strengthens Orthopaedic Practice

A large Orthopedic group needed an efficient and integrated practice management, EMR and medical scheduling software service. They implemented athenahealth’s suite of services, including athenaCommunicator, which includes automated messaging services and a medical scheduling software that patients can access online.

A Practice Faces a Brighter Future

In Memphis, Tennessee, a 4 physician Urology group liked that athenahealth's medical billing and EMR services offered to relieve the practice's paperwork and billing headaches. They were also excited to have fully-integrated and robust practice management and EMR systems with back-end support from athenahealth.

A Winning Combination for a Nephrology Practice

Robert T. Morrison, MD LLC—a small nephrology practice in Ohio—adopted athenahealth's medical billing service after finding over $100,000 in billing errors over one year. The practice was also challenged with finding a medical billing service that would integrate with their existing EHR.

All About Kids Pediatrics: Dr. Amy Shoptaugh

When All About Kids Pediatrics began adding more patients in 2011, they soon realized they didn’t have the operations in place to keep pace. With athenahealth, physicians and staff worked more efficiently to deliver effective care, allowing the practice to scale without expanding staff.

An Organized Team at Mount Auburn Hospital Tackles Meaningful Use

Mount Auburn Hospital's OB/GYN Department adopted our electronic health record (EHR) service to achieve Meaningful Use of an EHR in just 8 months. Our EHR service also helped boost the department's productivity and increase their visibility into pay for performance programs with our P4P dashboard.

Building an Ideal Medical Practice

Post-residency, Dr. Mark Hickey needed a fast start-up and system implementation to get his private practice up and running. When he realized he couldn't afford a major investment to buy and maintain technology, Dr. Hickey turned to athenahealth's cloud-based medical billing and EHR services.

Christopher Wilhelm, MD, FACP

athenahealth’s integrated suite of services—including its electronic health record, practice management and patient engagement solutions—provides solo practitioner Dr. Christopher Wilhelm with the robust support he needs to make his practice run as efficiently as possible.

Communication Services Provide Missing Link for Successful Small Practice

When Dr. Lizabeth Riley, a family practitioner in Houston, TX, made the decision in August of 2009 to serve as a beta practice for athenahealth’s patient engagement service, athenaCommunicator, it was just the latest step in a series that has made her small practice both financially successful and more patient-centric.

ESD Pediatric Group: Dr. Jeff Drasnin

athenahealth’s integrated suite of service provides ESD Pediatric Group with the business insight and communication tools needed to run its practices efficiently and get paid more, faster. Since implementation, the practice has experienced an increase in collections and a reduction in both DAR and no-show rate.

Finding a Business Partner to Help Serve the Underserved

athenahealth’s integrated suite of services has allowed family practitioner Bernadette Sheridan, MD, to transition her practice from paper charts to an electronic health record, to decrease days in accounts receivable, and to remotely access patient information from a laptop or smartphone 24/7.

Five Fold Revenue Increase in Five Years

When Centra Health’s in-house practice management system could no longer keep pace with its expanding practice, they made the switch to athenahealth’s practice management solution, athenaCollector® to automate and streamline its patient scheduling, registration, claims processing, and collections.

Following a Smooth Road to Meaningful Use

As an athenahealth pilot practice for Meaningful Use (MU) certification, Ultra Care Endocrine & Diabetes Consultants has found that the unique, off-the-shelf services provided by athenahealth's cloud-based EMR have gotten their practice off to an easy, pain-free start to MU certification.

From "Nightmare" to "Shock and Awe"

Since going live with athenahealth’s cloud-based medical billing system, Ridge Family Physicians has reduced its days in accounts receivable to under 30 days, dramatically increased cash flow, and improved customer satisfaction. Physicians also gained more time to focus on patient care.

From Paper Charts to Meaningful Use—6 months

After 35 years practicing in the same community, Dr. Reavis Eubanks finally made the switch to an electronic medical record. He quickly implemented athenaheallth’s cloud-based EMR, athenaClinicals, with the help of webinars and support and successfully attested to Meaningful Use within 6 months.

Full Service Family Practice Flourishes with Integrated Services

Family Practice Specialists was ready for an integrated practice management and EMR service and made the switch to athenahealth. athenahealth’s practice management and EMR services assumed time-consuming, but vital, day-to-day tasks from the practice, freeing staff up for other tasks.

Getting Rewarded for Meaningful Use

While he never doubted receiving his federal incentive bonus payment—in fact, he was the first athenahealth client to do so—Dr. Allen Ferguson was surprised to see how the process of achieving Meaningful Use of an electronic health record with athenahealth has improved his approach to patient care.

Texas Cardiologist's Quest to Stay Independent

Austin Cardio Clinic's single provider, Dr. Tiblier, is intent on remaining independent while delivering the same level of service as a large practice and also staying profitable – a nearly impossible feat. With athenaCollector, 94% of claims submitted get resolved the first time, and they have seen a 55% decrease in DAR - enabling financial stability despite charging less for services than larger systems to increase patient loyalty.

Going Paperless on the Way to Meaningful Use

Until a few years ago, North Texas Heart Center was getting slowly dragged under by billing software that needed regular, costly upgrades and required a dedicated "Excel guru.” With declining reimbursements and high overhead and staff costs, NTHC turned to athenahealth’s’ cloud- based medical billing and EHR services.

Healthstar Physicians: Dr. Peter Sutherland

As a large primary care practice, Healthstar Physicians has gotten ahead of the financial curve by tightening its operations with the use of athenahealth’s cloud based practice management system and gaining efficiencies through its electronic medical record and patient engagement services.

How an Important Regional Group Was Saved

In early 2008, Hudson Headwaters Health Network (HHHN), a Federally Qualified Health Center with 60,000 patients spread across 13 offices, was hobbled by outdated business processes and poor cash flow. With athenahealth, HHHN was able to increase collections, reduce DAR, and achieve PCMH Level 3 certification.

In New Family Practice, Communication is Key

When Dr. Jonathan Rosaasen decided to open a family medicine practice, had a vision of a paperless office that used an integrated system for his medical billing and EMR needs. The practice adopted athenaCollector for medical billing and athenaClinicals to meet their EMR needs.

Large Orthopaedic Group Increases Revenue and Optimizes Practice Performance

Appalachian Orthopaedics performed in-house medical billing for years until they realized they needed a better way to manage their practice. The 24-physician practice adopted athenahealth's medical billing and practice management solution to increase staff efficiency and gain transparency in practice performance.

Making the Connection Across Dozens of Providers

With new payer rules, government mandates and care coordination inefficiencies, it can be tough for providers to gain control and get paid. Lacking a method to share clinical data across 70+ providers, Carolina Health Specialists® needed an EHR to stay current, improve visibility, and achieve Meaningful Use.

Managing a Complex Practice and Achieving Compliance

Wright State Physicians—a multispecialty practice in Dayton, Ohio, with 150 physicians and 23 offices—struggled with managing mountains of paperwork and communicating across offices and specialties. In addition, the practice was not taking advantage of pay-for-performance reimbursements and needed to achieve Meaningful Use.

More Control and More Visibility for Better Care

After temporarily losing the ability to access patient information from his previous software system, dermatologist David MacGregor, MD, needed a cloud-based medical billing service that could move with him, provide greater control over his practice, and increase efficiencies for staff.

New Practice Management System Allows Large Specialty Practice to Thrive

A large anesthesia practice switched to athenahealth’s practice management and EMR services to help boost their bottom line. They felt immediate benefits of athenaCollector and athenaClinicals which included increased transparency and control of practice workflow and financials.

New Practice Thrives While Focusing on Patient Care

Ophthalmologist Marc Leibole, MD, wanted a practice management system that would allow him to concentrate on patient care without sacrificing financial control. When he discovered athenahealth’s practice management solution, athenaCollector®, he knew he had found a system that would allow him to achieve that goal.


Through the use of athenahealth’s integrated suite of services, all of OrthoAtlanta’s physicians have attested to Meaningful Use. In addition, the organization has gained the financial insight needed to support stability and profitability in an ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Pediatric Practice Freed Up to Give Back to Diverse Community

Infants and Children, a nine-physical pediatric practice with a mission to become part of the fabric of its diverse community, was struggling not only to get paid, but also with patients showing up for appointments. With athenahealth, the practice was able to reduce DAR from 90+ to just 16 days on average, and greatly reduced no-shows and balanced out busy seasons with automated reminders.

Pediatric Health Care System Finds a Partner for the Future

As one of the largest integrated pediatric health care systems in the country, Cook Children's Health Care System needed an EMR that was flexible, scalable, accessible and fast. So when it came time to switch EMRs, athenahealth's cloud-based software and services met their needs and exceeded expectations.

Pediatric Partners Medical Group: Inefficiencies and Frustration

In 2000, Pediatric Partners was experiencing massive practice management inefficiencies including a high rate of claim denials. The group adopted athenaCollector and athenaClinicals for their medical billing and EMR needs, and quickly saw a large reduction in the groups Days in Accounts Receivable.

Pediatric Practice Finds Efficiency and Mobility

Switching to athenahealth’s cloud-based electronic medical record quickly improved practice efficiency for Pioneer Valley Pediatrics, including the use of the athenaClinicals mobile app, enabling physicians to access patient records when out of the office, from anywhere at any time.

Pediatric Practice Harnesses Network-Based Services

With the help of athenahealth’s medical billing and practice management service, athenaCollector®, and its electronic medical record software, athenaClinicals®, pediatrician Peter Masucci, MD, is able to stay profitable while providing quality care to his patients in the community of Everett, Mass.

Pediatric Practice Uses Real-Time Adjudication to Reduce Self-Pay Balances

Before joining the athenahealth network, a five-physician pediatric practice struggled with their medical billing and practice management. After adopting athenahealth's practice management service, athenaCollector®, the group reduced self-pay balances and improved their daily workflow.

Practice Flourishes with athenahealth Suite of Services

Family Medicine Associates of South Attleboro started with athenaCollector, a medical billing service; later added athenaClinicals, a cloud based EHR; and, most recently, added athenaCommunicator, a patient engagement service that streamlines patient-physician interactions outside the exam room.

Reliable Service Helps Group Reach New Heights

With 350 employees and four locations, Valley Medical Group needed a more efficient and reliable EMR. Already impressed by athenahealth's medical billing solution and knowledgeable staff, they adopted the athenaClinicals® cloud-based EMR and achieved NNCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home certification.

Solo Physician Doubles Revenue, Gets Work-Life Balance

Since implementing athenaCollector®, athenahealth’s cloud-based medical billing solution, OB/GYN Helen Mirau, MD, has doubled revenues, reduced debt, and gained efficiencies in managing her practice. She has also gained the confidence to grow her practice without increasing staff.

Solo Physician Goes Mobile and Gets Flexible with athenahealth

Dr. Louis DiToppa didn't want to be tied down with paper charts. He needed an EMR that would allow him to stay connected to his practice anywhere, anytime. athenahealth's EMR and practice management services gave Dr. DiToppa that flexibility and enabled him to get paid more and gain greater control of his practice.

Staying Independent, With a Business Partner

Struggling to keep its independence, Wilson Stream Family Practice needed to improve financial efficiency and data management. With athenahealth's medical billing and EHR services, the practice was able to organize clinical data, make patient visits more efficient, and improve overall quality of care.

Transparency Significantly Improves Financial Health for Specialty Practice

A six-physician Infectious Diseases group wanted more transparency from their “full service” practice management company. Since implementing athenahealth’s medical billing solution, they have received faster payments from payers and have seen their other practice management problems disappear.


Beyond Basics: A Closer Look at the ICD-10 Transition

If you’ve been putting off the serious thinking about ICD-10 preparation, you’re just about out of time. As October 1 draws closer and closer, it’s time for you to get a closer look at what exactly you’ll be up against. Join athenahealth ICD-10 expert Jasmine Gee to learn about what you really need to know to come out on top.

Driving Efficiency in Community Health

While strong community health programs and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) deliver vital services to patients in need, community health providers are faced with the burden of meeting and reporting on a challenging variety of program requirements. Join community health expert Jeb Burrows as he discusses the tools and strategies you need to meet program guidelines.

Preparing for ICD-10 in 2015

When the ICD-10 deadline was pushed to October 1, 2015, the industry had a brief reprieve from preparing for the transition. But the clock is ticking again – and now is not the time to fall behind. In this free webinar, ICD-10 expert Carey Manning will detail what you should be doing right now to prepare your practice, and how the right partner can keep you on top of change—no matter what the industry throws your way next.

Patient Engagement for Improved Care

When attesting to Stage 2 Meaningful Use, patient engagement is more than important—it’s mandatory. But what does it mean to truly engage patients in their own care? Yes, an online patient portal is a very important aspect, but genuine patient engagement is more than that.

Population Management and ACOs

As the shift to ACOs and risk-based reimbursement evolves, medical groups have been challenged with re-examining their approach to population management, how it affects the delivery of care, and what it means for the physician-patient relationship. Learn how actionable insights are the key to improving your health system’s efficiency and outcomes.

Success Strategies for Self-Pay

The financial responsibility placed on self-pay patients is on the rise. Is your practice prepared to keep up? Patients today are facing higher premiums, larger co-payments and bigger deductibles. Now more than ever, good practice management means developing a specific self-pay strategy and sticking to the plan. Register today to learn more.

The Future of Healthcare: A Prognosis for 2015

Whether spurred by the ACA or disruptive new health care models, our industry is changing fast. Want to know where the future of healthcare is going in 2015 and beyond? Join us for this special webinar, hosted by athenahealth’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Ed Park.

The Tools and Strategies to Tackle Meaningful Use Stage 2 Requirements

If you’ve already successfully tackled the Meaningful Use Stage 1 requirements, that means it’s time to tackle Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements. Whether you’re about to jump in or you’re already struggling with the new core measures, acquiring the knowledge to form a strategy and get the tools you need as early as possible is the first step to success.

Thriving Through Payment Reform

The growing industry and government push for health care payment reform has two main objectives: to improve quality of care and to lower costs. Even with the complexities inherent to these issues, reform has the potential to promote better population health with greater efficiency, and take important steps towards those goals. Register today for an in-depth look at health care payment reform strategies for success.

What Health Care Can Learn from Amazon

So what exactly can health care learn from Amazon? A whole lot more than you might think. athenahealth EVP and COO Ed Park believes our industry needs to look to disruptive cloud technology innovators like Amazon to help us all forge a new path.

When to Switch Your EHR Vendor

Not sure if you need to switch your EHR vendor? You may already be considering it, as many providers are expressing dissatisfaction with their EHR. Regardless, it’s important to regularly evaluate whether the product you bought is still meeting your needs—and will continue to meet them in the future.


Winning Across the Continuum: Partnering for Population Health in a Time of Shifting Reimbursements

Though payment models have begun to shift from fee-for-service to fee-for-value, for the foreseeable future large health systems must be abl eto operate efficiently under both models. In this whitepaper, discover care coordination and population health management tips that will ensure you remain effective through the transition.

Going Mobile: Integrating Mobile to Enhance Patient Care and Practice Efficiency

Mobile access has become widely demanded in health care settings in recent years for everything from updating patient records to connecting with colleagues. In order to effectively integrate mobile health technology, executives and leaders must consider the key use cases and concerns that are outlined in this whitepaper, such as clinical decision support, workflow efficiencies and security.

Academic Medical Centers: Disrupt, Transform and Grab the Mantle of Change

Academic Medical Centers are facing mounting pressure to drastically alter their philosophy and approach to their mission while maintaining their brand via the clinical, teaching and research activities that have driven their reputation for years. This whitepaper outlines four critical steps that will help AMCs remain successful in the ever-changing health care industry.

The Evolving Role of the CFO: Getting Equipped For a New Financial Landscape

The role of the CFO is changing; where they have been traditionally tasked with managing revenue cycle and balance sheets, they are now charged with generating growth. It is more crucial than ever to stay two steps ahead, which requires delegation of core activities so they can focus on driving long term success across the 3 strategic tiers detailed in this whitepaper.

Faith-based Care at a Crossroads: 5 Key Challenges and Opportunities

Leaders of faith-based health systems and hospitals have the monumental task of providing care for vulnerable populations while ensuring financial stability and becoming the provider of choice in their market. This whitepaper provides actionable insights into the top five issues these health systems face and how institutions are successfully overcoming them today.

5 Essentials for Surviving and Thriving as an Independent Practice

It is harder than ever for independent medical practices to be successful as value-based reimbursement and fee-for-service models become more prominent. Without a strong foundation, they often struggle to maintain financial stability or are forced to sell to a hospital. These five capabilities make it possible to not only remain independent, but thrive in this environment.

5 Elements of a Sucessful Patient Engagement Strategy

In recent years, there has been a great deal of discussion about how to engage patients in their care. Patient engagement has always been considered a good thing in practices and health care organizations. Today it is vital to the business of delivering care.

5 Steps to Success with Stage 2 Meaningful Use

For providers, Stage 2 Meaningful Use raises the bar across the board on what it means to “meaningfully use” an EHR: there are more core measures, new menu measures, and higher reporting thresholds. Reap the rewards—and avoid significant penalties—by following these five steps to help your practice successfully achieve Stage 2 Meaningful Use.

Communication That Counts: Boosting Patient Engagement and Practice Revenue with Communication Technologies

Our web-based patient engagement system and services go well beyond medical scheduling software by improving all patient interactions outside of the office. Learn how physicians can communicate with patients online and improve their bottom lines with our unique approach to medical scheduling software and other automated messaging services.

Getting Lean with Your Practice: Five Tips for Improving Provider Productivity with an EHR

One of the reasons health care providers resist implementing an EHR is the belief that using it will slow them down. This whitepaper leverages best practices and athenahealth’s 2009 lean mapping study to provide tips for establishing a clinical workflow that takes full advantage of an EHR and actually boosts productivity.

Getting More from Self-Pay Collections: 7 Tips for Improving Patient Collections

As health care costs continue to rise, patients are being required to pay more and more of those costs out of their own pockets, in the form of higher premiums, deductibles and copayments. For many practices, deploying a self-pay strategy can remove the complexity surrounding the patient collections workflow.

Getting Your Practice "In the Zone": 7 Tips for Achieving and Sustaining Financial Health

Health care providers have to cope with an avalanche of complex rules, regulations, and administrative processes to run their practices. At the same time, costs are increasing and reimbursements are declining. The only way for a practice to achieve financial health in this demanding environment is to learn how to operate at peak performance level.

Making the Switch: Replacing Your EHR for More Money and More Control

Meaningful Use requirements are forcing many medical practices already using EHRs to reconsider their systems. This whitepaper helps practices identify an under-performing EHR, answers questions and offers tips for EHR replacement, and shows how the right EHR can help practices get more money and greater control.

Navigating Payment Reform: Thriving Through the Changes to Come

Payment reform has long been discussed in health care, as escalating costs have spurred calls for changes to the dominant fee-for-service model. Learn about the capabilities you can develop to help position your practice to respond to any future payment reform model, as well as how to make your practice more successful now.

Optimizing Group Practice Growth: 7 Proven Strategies for Success

Healthcare mergers and acquisitions and medical group growth have been strong industry trends for years. One reason is the desire for critical mass to gain leverage with payers as reimbursement declines and costs increase. Read this whitepaper to learn how to successfully manage growth of your medical group.

Optimizing Quality Management with Your EHR: Getting Paid More for What You Do Best

With the right EHR in place, participation in health care quality management programs not only helps you provide great care to your patients, but can also help increase your bottom line. Learn how your EHR and the services provided by your EHR vendor can help minimize the time and money required to collect and report data to these quality programs.

Patient-Centered Medical Home: Top Tips for Accelerating Recognition and Rewards

Patient-centered medical home (PCMH) is a model of care where the personal physician and his/her team provide for all the patient's health care needs. Learn how your EHR and practice management vendor can help you transition to a PCMH model and implement elements within each of the NCQA standards to enhance your ability to achieve PCMH recognition.

PayerView® 2013: Signs of Future Challenges

PayerView, an annual healthcare payer rankings report by athenahealth, uses objective, data-driven methodologies to analyze the payer-provider relationship. The 2013 healthcare payer rankings report, which covers industry trends in 2012, highlights areas where there could be trouble as industry changes emerge.

Physician Acquisition: Is It The Right Strategy For Your Health System?

Is physician acquisition really the right way to go? And how can health care leaders pursue successful strategies without resorting to acquisition? Before your hospital system or medical group pursues physician acquisition as a strategy to thrive through the ongoing change, consider the four points offered in this whitepaper.

Succeeding as an ACO: A 6-Step Guide for Health Care Organizations

The number of ACOs has risen dramatically in recent years. Some research supports the effectiveness of the ACO model in improving the cost and efficiency of care without sacrificing quality. However, there are important concerns about ACOs. Read this whitepaper to see our 6-step guide to success for health care organizations.

The Economics of the Patient Workflow: Cracking the Code of Successful EHR Design

Traditional EMRs consistently fail to help physicians make more money, do less work, and deliver better care. High up-front fees with traditional EMRs are one factor, but the greatest problem with traditional EMRs is that they are designed without an understanding of the fundamental economics of a patient encounter.

The HITECH Act and Your Practice: Eight Tips for Successful EHR Adoption

Despite years of widespread availability, only a small fraction of U.S. physicians fully use electronic health records (EHRs). Meaningful Use incentives and other industry changes are spurring a rapid wave of EHR adoption. Explore a roadmap to successful EHR adoption and tips to follow to avoid adopting the wrong solution for your practice.

VaccineViewSM 2011: Improving Reimbursement Transparency

Managing the total cost of vaccines is so burdensome for practices—to the point where some providers actually suffered financial losses for providing vaccinations—that some consider not providing them at all. Are you feeling the pain of vaccine reimbursement? Read this whitepaper to learn more about VaccineView.

What Cloud-Based Services Can Do for Your Medical Practice or Care Organization

Are you wondering why there's buzz around cloud computing? Do you know what it means to have cloud-based services working for you? Learn how cloud-based services offer a solution that's more flexible and scalable, and how athenahealth’s combination of software, knowledge, and service drives improved results for all providers on the network.


athenaCollector Credentialing Service Datasheet

Learn how this comprehensive service can reduce complexities and time spent on the credentialing documentation process, as well as gives providers a higher level of control over the initial setup and ongoing maintenance.

athenahealth for Family Physicians Datasheet

Your time with your patients should be focused on them, not documentation and collecting payments. athenahealth’s Best in KLAS* services streamline every step of the workflow to help family physicians thrive.

athenahealth for Pediatricians Datasheet

Pediatricians are tasked with coordinating care across a variety of settings, and must do so efficiently in order to remain successful. athenahealth’s integrated cloud-based services provide everything practices need to deliver the highest level of care, including achieving PCMH status.

athenahealth for Cardiologists

Cardiology practices need to take advantage of efficiencies wherever possible. athenahealth’s EHR is ranked #1 in usability and our services are specifically tailored with our Quality Management Engine, interface to PINNACLE Outpatient Registry, and more.

athenahealth for Orthopedists

We know how important it is for orthopedic practices to keep encounters efficient. Our EHR is ranked #1 for usability and contains pre-built orthopedic content in addition to image access from PACS – all within the EHR workflow.

athenaCoordinator for Analytics

athenaCoordinator Analytics gives you comprehensive insight into business performance data and enables executives, administrators and physicians to easily make informed decisions that benefit the practice.

athenaCoordinator for Enterprise

athenaCoordinator Enterprise is a unique combination of our cloud-based software, network knowledge and administrative services that enables health systems to efficiently and effectively activate patients, coordinate care and analyze clinical and financial results.

athenahealth for Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC)

As federally funded organizations, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) face considerable challenges. athenahealth is uniquely positioned to help FQHCs, so physicians can focus on patient care in critical urban, rural and underserved areas.

athenahealth: Your Solution to the Self-Pay Problem

Collecting self-pay balances requires consistent policies and procedures—and a tremendous amount of staff time. athenahealth takes a lot of this work off your hands, with the Self-Pay Reminder Service and Patient Portal components of athenaCommunicator®.

athenaMailbox Service with U.S. Bank

The athenaMailbox service has significant advantages over other remittance processors, thanks to our partnership with U.S. Bank. This alliance provides a secure lockbox solution connected seamlessly to the athenahealth back office services available with athenaCollector.


The cloud-based athenaOne offering combines practice management and EHR services, plus patient communications and care coordination services. With a single instance of software, you stay up-to-date and prepared for industry change, from ICD-10 to Stage 2 Meaningful Use.

CommonWell Health Alliance

athenahealth is proud to be a founding member of the CommonWell Health Alliance, an independent, not-for-profit trade association that plans to support and promote the seamless interoperability of, and access to, patient data across the health care system.

Credit Card Plus: A Self-Pay Processing Solution

With the Credit Card Plus service extension of athenaCollector®, athenahealth’s cloud-based medical billing solution, our clients can process credit card, debit card, and electronic check transactions with our Card-on-File and Automated Payment Plan offerings.

Mobile Datasheet

Whether you want to e-prescribe from home, view patient data on the go, or access a drug lookup at the point of care, you get intelligent, the mobile services of athenahealth provide you with easy-to-use tools that streamline your workflow—and your day.

ICD-10 and Meaningful Use Guarantee

At athenahealth, we don’t believe government mandates—or any change—should take focus away from patients. So, as part of our continued dedication to caregivers, we guarantee your success as you face ICD-10 and Meaningful Use.

More Disruption Please

The More Disruption Please initiative brings together forward-thinking entrepreneurs and health care IT companies to partner with athenahealth to improve the state of health care through transparency, connectivity and technological excellence.

The athenaClinicals Advantage

athenaClinicals® is athenahealth’s unique, cloud-based approach to electronic medical records. athenaClinicals delivers greater clinical control and insights to medical practices while boosting efficiency and revenue potential.

The athenaCollector Advantage

Learn more about athenaCollector®, athenahealth’s web-based medical billing and practice management solution that reduces administrative red tape. athenaCollector allows you to efficiently assess, plan, and improve your practice performance while increasing revenue.

The athenaCommunicator Advantage

athenaCommunicator®, athenahealth’s cloud-based patient communication service, offers automated messaging solutions and online medical scheduling software that allow your patients to request appointments, securely receive test results and more.

The athenahealth Meaningful Use Advantage

Unlike traditional software or ASP models, where all the effort involved in meeting and tracking Meaningful Use performance falls on the practice, athenahealth takes on that work and provides a full-service approach with no hidden costs.

The athenahealth PCMH Accelerator Program

With proven, cloud-based services, athenahealth is uniquely positioned to help practices achieve patient-centered medical home (PCMH) Recognition. Learn more about our approach to meeting PCMH requirements. And how we can help get you there faster and easier.

Technical Requirements

To experience the full advantage of athenaNet, the following technical requirements must be met prior to completing implementation. Clients are responsible for adhering to athenaNet’s technical requirements.

Knowledge Hubs


Understand the basics of accountable care, and see why the ACO model has become one of the most prevalent options for physicians and hospitals choosing to take on risk-based reimbursement. Get details on various types of ACO programs, and how a group can prepare to become an ACO.

Clinical Integration

Learn why clinical integration is so valuable for those taking on risk-based reimbursement, and what to consider when aligning caregiver behavior and incentives for the purpose of expanding coverage, boosting the effectiveness and efficiency of care, promoting innovation and controlling costs.

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Learn how adopting an electronic health record service can improve your practice workflow and boost your bottom line, and discover the difference between an EHR and an EMR. (Is there a difference?) If you're still using paper charts or are unhappy with your current EMR, see the unique benefits of a cloud-based EHR.


Find out why the upcoming transition to the ICD-10 diagnosis and procedure code set is critical to patient care—and enormously challenging to practices. Learn about the timing of the ICD-10 compliance deadline, and discover some of the best practices for preparation, as well as estimated costs.

Meaningful Use

What is Meaningful Use? What are the Meaningful Use Stage 2 objectives? Get all the details on the HITECH Act's Meaningful Use program in our Knowledge Hub: eligibility, objectives, specific measures, why it's important, and what it takes to achieve Meaningful Use of an EHR.

Mobile Health Technology

Uncover the breadth of use cases and advantages of mobile health technology, from secure collaboration and patient communication to population health and telemedicine. Also, get insight into overcoming the challenges of adoption mobile health technology such as privacy and interoperability.

Patient Engagement

Maintaining strong patient engagement is no longer just a clinical goal; it’s become a business mandate. Learn how the right tools and techniques for an active patient-provider relationship can help you improve patient outcomes, achieve Meaningful Use, and earn financial incentives.

Payment Reform

Get everything you need to know about the Affordable Care Act and new payment reform initiatives, as well as essential advice on how to position your practice to effectively respond to new payment models, both now and in the future.

Practice Management

See the myriad roles, responsibilities and growing challenges that every practice manager must face in today’s industry. As the pressures of government initiatives mount (Meaningful Use, ICD-10 transition), we offer plenty of insight that can yield greater efficiencies at your practice.

Staying Independent

It is harder than ever for independent medical practices to be successful as value-based reimbursement and fee-for-service models become more prominent. Find out more about these ongoing challenges and get essential tips on how to remain independent in the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Apps & Tools


The key to athenahealth’s insight is the technology and intelligence of our cloud-based network, with data for more than 47,000 providers nationally. Explore the CodeViewSM billing code lookup app to see physicians' average reimbursements per procedure, from commercial payers, Medicare and Medicaid.

Practice Vitals

Explore up-to-date performance averages of athenahealth clients—practices just like yours—who have access to this unparalleled insight via our cloud-based network. See how our services can get you paid more, faster—and with less work—by viewing key performance indicators such as no-show rate, same-day close rate, and DAR.

Revenue Calculator

Is there revenue you're not realizing? With our athenahealth Revenue Calculator, you can quickly discover how much additional money your specific practice could earn with our proven, cloud-based services. See how we can help you experience increased savings, greater revenue and more control of your practice.


PayerView® is an annual quantitative report that uses athenahealth's cloud-based data, spanning a network of more than 47,000 health care providers, to provide an objective measure of how easy or difficult it is for providers to work with government and commercial payers, based on financial & administrative performance and transaction efficacy.

Reports and Infographics

Payer Reimbursement Visibility

How can you know what constitutes an adequate reimbursement when the rates providers set are disregarded and physicians are at the mercy of rates set by both public and private payers? athenahealth’s cloud-based network of more than 52,000 providers allows you to pinpoint what caregivers in your region are getting paid, on average, for specific procedures, on a payer-by-payer basis.

Physician Sentiment Index

We’ve surveyed physicians across America for their opinions on topics like the effect of EHRs on patient care, the future of independent practices and the shift to new payment models. Across the 2013 Physician Sentiment Index™ survey, one thing was clear: Physicians are worried. Want to know why? View our key findings or download the full report.

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