A First Look at National Referral Patterns
from Primary Care Practices

The patient referral path is a vital element of health care business management and forecasting. But firm metrics can be elusive and, in today's era of payment reform, that can be a problem. If any of your reimbursement is tied to quality outcomes, coordinating care and tracking referral patterns is paramount.

ReferralView is the first look at those patterns, on a national scale. By reviewing the data athenahealth continuously compiles on its cloud-based network for their 38,000 providers, Halley Consulting Group and athenahealth have uncovered detailed referral trends from a combined 2.5 million primary care patient visits.

Download ReferralView and find:

  • Data for family, internal medicine, OB/GYN and pediatric practices
  • Which specialties are referred to most often
  • The measurable value of primary care providers in the demand chain
  • How managers can forecast the downstream effect of new patient referrals

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