Privacy Policy

Note to Minors

athenahealth, Inc. values the privacy of those under the age of 18 and does not wish to obtain any information from or about them via this site. If you are under 18 and are not supervised by an adult, please do not use this site. Parents are urged to monitor and supervise their children's on-line activity.

Scope and Purpose

This privacy policy describes the practices of athenahealth, Inc. in regard to information that we obtain via this web site, either directly or through third-party vendors. It does not describe practices with respect to other web sites that we operate, information that we obtain through other means, or the practices of web sites of third parties to which we provide links. We do not control and are not responsible for the privacy practices of, or the data available on, the web sites of third parties, and we urge you to evaluate the soundness of these practices and data for yourself.

In a separate section below entitled Statement of E-Mail Privacy Practices we also provide information about our collection and use of e-mail addresses, both in connection with this web site and otherwise, subject to the limitations of scope contained in that section.

There are general exceptions to this policy: when you have given us your consent to share or use information about you, when we believe that we need to share information about you to provide a service that you have requested from us or from others, when we are required by law to disclose information, or when we believe that it is necessary to protect our rights or to avoid liability or violations of law.

We reserve the right to change this policy at any time without prior notice by publishing changes on this page. Please be sure to check this page periodically for updates to this policy.

If you have any questions about this policy, or any other aspects of your privacy with respect to athenahealth, Inc., our mailing address is: 311 Arsenal Street, Watertown, MA 02472, Attention: Chief Privacy Officer.

Privacy of Information Collected on This Site

athenahealth, Inc. actively seeks to maintain the privacy of our on-line visitors, and we have constructed and administer this web site accordingly. Unless personally identifiable information such as name, address, telephone number, or e-mail address is voluntarily submitted by you on the site, we do not collect such information in connection with use of this site or associate or link it to information that we collect using cookies or web beacons as described below. We use such personally identifiable information that you submit for our internal business purposes only, and we do not sell or trade it. We do share such personally identifiable information with our contract partners who provide marketing and website-related services to us, but we do this under contracts that prohibit our partners' disclosure and use of that information except as necessary to provide those services to us.

We use both "cookie" and "web beacon" technology with respect to this site (for explanation of these terms, see the section More About Cookies and Beacons below). We use this technology to obtain information from on-line visitors that we believe is necessary to permit convenient functionality of this site, to enhance the user's on-line experience on this site, to assess the effectiveness and design of site features, and to understand and assess the effectiveness of our advertising. For example, we track the number of visitors using portions or features of this site in order to make changes that we believe will improve the site, we track the popularity and use of features on this site to guide development of new ones, and we assess ways in which this site has become known to and accessed by users in order to gauge the quality and methods of our advertising. The information that we use may include, for example, IP address and other data about the equipment used to visit this site, the pattern of searching and browsing that preceded viewing our site, and the behavior of viewers on this site, and we do not consider this type of information personally identifiable.

We engage certain service vendors for purposes of tracking and associating internet search and browsing behavior with our advertisements and to provide functionality on this site, and, in that connection, we enable them, among other things, to use cookies and web beacons on or in conjunction with this site. The use and collection of information by these vendors is governed by their respective privacy statements and is not covered by this policy. For a listing of these vendors and links to their on-line privacy statements, see the Vendors' Use of Information section below. Where our vendors provide additional functionality on this site, we use any information they may collect on our behalf as described in the interface for that functionality, or, if not described there, as described below:

  • We use Google's DoubleClick technology to enable "tell-a-friend" social media functionality. Users may post information from our site to their Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter accounts or send a specified recipient an email regarding our services. Information provided to us in the course of using the email function includes the user's email address, a recipient's email address, and email message text; no information is collected with regard to the other social media types. The email-related information is used solely for the email function and is not stored by us.
  • We also use Google's DoubleClick technology to provide us with the contact information of users who view a click-through advertisement on this site and then submit a request for additional information about our services. The information provided includes the requestor's contact information and information about his or her medical practice. This information is stored in our internal databases and is used solely to contact the requestor and, if the requestor chooses to receive news regarding our services, to send such news items to the requestor.
  • We use ePrize to provide online contest services as a means to deliver educational materials to our employees, partners, clients, and the medical community. Information collected includes user contact information (and age, to the extent needed to screen for minors); the first name and email address of those to whom a user may send an email regarding a contest or our services; information regarding the user's medical practice (as applicable); users' answers to contest questions. This information is stored in our internal databases and is used solely for administration of the applicable contest and, if requested by the user, to send news regarding our services to the user.

Statement of E-Mail Privacy Practices

This statement about e-mail does not apply to collection and use of e-mail addresses:

  • In communications to and from our clients or their personnel, since e-mail addresses and data exchanged in those relationships are governed by the confidentiality and other provisions of our client contracts;
  • In our Outlook® or equivalent address book, contact, or business e-mail systems designed or used to enable day-to-day communications between individuals known to each other or engaging in business/personal communications; or
  • For disclosure to ISPs and other data carriers in the course of transmission of e-mails otherwise permitted by this Statement.

You will not receive e-mail as a result of visiting this site unless you request or consent to it or have voluntarily filled out a form on this site that contains your e-mail address. All such e-mail will include capability to opt-out of receiving further e-mails from us, if you wish to do so, and that capability will be consistent with applicable laws and regulations.

With respect to e-mail not resulting from visiting this site, we divide the e-mail that we send or initiate into two categories for privacy purposes: "Patient E-mail" and "Other E-mail."

Patient E-Mail: E-mail that we send or arrange with our service providers to send on behalf of our medical practice clients to the patients of those clients in order to perform, complete, or confirm services that those patients have requested from clients and e-mail that is generated through patients' use of our clients' patient web portals is classified by us as transactional and/or relationship content e-mail that is integral to our client services. We do not provide a means of opt-out from such e-mail. In those cases in which we believe patient e-mail is not primarily for transactional/relationship purposes, the e-mail will include capability to opt-out of receiving further e-mails from us, if the patient wishes to do so, and that capability will be consistent with applicable laws and regulations.

We consider the e-mail addresses of our clients' patients that are provided to us by our clients, by those patients themselves via a client's patient web portal, or by others in the course of our providing client services to be private information that is protected under the privacy and security provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, as amended (HIPAA), and other applicable federal and state privacy and security laws. These laws include strict limitations on the use to which this information may be put. We disclose and use such addresses only for legitimate business purposes as permitted by HIPAA and such laws and regulations. We do not use such addresses to market or promote ourselves. We require all contractors (other than ISPs and other carriers) who we retain to aid us in sending, receiving, or tracking patient e-mails using such addresses to agree to confidentiality provisions in business associate agreements as required under HIPAA.

Other e-mail: We also send or initiate e-mail to other individuals that is not transactional/relationship content e-mail (including, for example, e-mail to sales prospects, investors, job-seekers, and members of the public who have requested communications or information from us). All such e-mail will include capability to opt-out of receiving further e-mails from us, if the recipient wishes to do so, and that capability will be consistent with applicable laws and regulations.

We collect addresses for such messages from a number of sources, such as this web site (subject to the Privacy Policy above) and from various vendors, business data bases, sign up promotions, meetings, and similar sources. We use these addresses for our own marketing, promotional, and informational communications including solicitations, invitations, newsletters, awareness campaigns, announcements, and similar activities. In some cases, we disclose these addresses to our contract partners who support or enable our activities (for example, by sending and tracking e-mails). However, we do not permit use or further disclosure of such addresses for the use of sending e-mail other than our own e-mail or e-mail on behalf of our clients.

Our outgoing e-mail may include web beacons (for explanation of web beacons, see the section More About Cookies and Beacons below). We may also arrange for the capability to track when a URL (or web link) has been clicked inside of an e-mail message sent by our system or by a vendor on our behalf. We use this functionality to track which links were clicked and in what quantity, as well as the aggregate number of links clicked. This click-tracking functionality does not collect personally identifiable information such as name, address, telephone number, or e-mail address; but, it may collect information on IP address, browsing history or path and other data about the equipment of the user.

More About Cookies and Web Beacon

"Cookies" are files stored on a user's computer by a server or web site in connection with a session, visit, viewing of a web page, or user action on a web page. They can be read or retrieved by the same or another server or website when additional sessions, visits, viewings, or user actions occur and can be used to provide information about the session, visit, viewing, or action when they were stored. Most browsers contain various controls for accepting, rejecting, or notifying users about cookies. Users who wish to administer acceptance and storage of cookies should refer to browser instructions and compare the administrative capabilities of different browsers to determine what is appropriate for them. Administrative settings that refuse to accept or store cookies may adversely affect access to features of this site or your ability to view or navigate within this site.

"Web beacons" are mechanisms in email messages and on web pages that cause the viewer's computer to browse to one or more specified servers and/or to request images or files from one or more web sites. They are also variously known as "Internet tags," "pixel tags," and "clear GIFs" and permit collection of information by the contacted servers or sites, such as the IP address of the computer that downloaded the page or viewed the message on which the beacon appears, information in cookies stored on that computer, the time the page or message containing the beacon was viewed, and the type of software used to view the page or message. The ability to collect this information enables us, among other things, to assess whether a message recipient has the ability to receive HTML format messages and has received and viewed a message and to assess which advertisements, messages, or websites may have led viewers to a web page. Beacons on web pages are activated then the page is viewed, and beacons in e-mail messages are activated when an HTML e-mail is viewed. In each case, the beacon causes the viewer's computer to request one or more images from our server or the servers of our vendors. If you do not want to receive e-mail messages with self-activating web beacons, you can choose to receive e-mails in non-HTML format by administering settings in the e-mail software in your computer.

Neither the beacons nor the cookies we use collect personally identifiable information such as name, address, telephone number, or e-mail address.

Vendors' Use of Information

We have engaged the services of the following service vendors who may acquire, use, and disclose information in the manner and for purposes set forth in their respective privacy statements. We do not take responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of these statements, and we rely on the respective vendors for that accuracy and completeness.

We use Ion Interactive, a third-party marketing services provider, to track and associate internet search and browsing behavior of visitors to this site with our advertisements.

We use Google's AdWords Conversion, DART, and Google Analytics tracking for tracking queries submitted to its search engine. We also use Google's DoubleClick technology for tracking our advertisements, enabling "tell-a-friend" social media functionality, and providing us with the contact information of users who submit a request for additional information about our services via click-through advertisements. For more information on Google's privacy policy, click here.

We use Marketo and SalesForce tracking tags to enable the tracking of web activity of cookied visitors. For more information on Marketo's privacy policy, click here and for more information on SalesForce's privacy policy, click here.

We use Omniture for tracking and associating internet search and browsing behavior with our advertisements. For more information on Omniture's privacy policy, click here.

We use Demandbase to measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns by identifying and counting the businesses that visit our website.For more information on Demandbase's privacy policy, click here.

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