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The Tools and Strategies to Tackle Meaningful Use Stage 2 Requirements
If you’ve already successfully tackled the Meaningful Use Stage 1 requirements, that means it’s time to tackle Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements. Whether you’re about to jump in or you’re already struggling with the new core measures, acquiring the knowledge to form a strategy and get the tools you need as early as possible is the first step to success.

Preparing for ICD-10 in 2015
When the ICD-10 deadline was pushed to October 1, 2015, the industry was granted a brief reprieve from preparing for the transition. But the clock is now ticking again – and now is not the time to fall behind. In this free webinar, ICD-10 expert Carey Manning will get you up to speed on what you should be doing right now to prepare your practice, and how the right partner can keep you on top of change—no matter what the industry throws your way next.

When to Switch Your EHR Vendor
Not sure if you need to switch your EHR vendor? You may already be considering it, as many providers are expressing dissatisfaction with their EHR. Regardless, it’s important to regularly evaluate whether the product you bought is still meeting your needs—and will continue to meet them in the future.

Staying Independent and Profitable as Independent Physicians
Dr. Jeff A. Drasnin of ESD Pediatric Group will talk about how his independent practice has remained profitable in the face of these challenges, and what it takes for other independent physicians to do the same.

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Preparing Your Practice
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