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    AMC Leaders Understand Challenges Ahead

    In the current environment, academic medical center (AMCs) leaders are confronting the stark reality of severe financial pressures on their three-part mission to provide clinical care, education, and research to their communities.

    That message came across loud and clear at a recent meeting of top AMC leaders attending athenahealth’s 2014 … Read more

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    Bracing for Payment Reform is not a Strategy

    Health care reform has been a decades-long pursuit; however, participation in past efforts was urged with more of a gentle nudge than a clear decree.  The Affordable Care Act (ACA), on the other hand, puts teeth into payment reform by way of financial and legislative mandates that require organizational transformation. … Read more

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    What Healthcare Can Learn from BlackBerry’s Decline

    In December 2013, our company unplugged its last BlackBerry server. Just two years prior, at least 75% of our healthcare consultants relied on BlackBerries for mobile communication; today, not a single employee. Ours is certainly not the only firm to move on from BlackBerry in favor of Apple’s iPhone or … Read more

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