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    The adolescence of patient information

    A lot of people complain about adolescents. They don’t listen. They act out. They talk like they have it all figured out. I disagree. As a pediatrician, this is my favorite group of patients. They have developed cognitively to be aware of the world’s complexities, and yet are still open … Read more

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    The strategic importance of patient engagement

    In early May, at the Becker’s Hospital Review Annual Meeting, I convened a focus group of around 30 executives from hospitals and health systems nationwide to help me dig into the strategy role patient engagement plays to help their organizations reduce costs and improve outcomes. (I’ve written about this series Read more

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    Health care freakonomics

    While visiting my dear friends at CNBC earlier this month, I had the good fortune to run into the esteemed author and pop-economist Stephen Dubner (co-author ofFreakonomics). Stephen is a creative thinker who looks at conventional problems from different angles – his work often makes us question assumptions … Read more

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