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    Teaming at a Distance in Health Care

    Telemedicine. Virtual care. Telemental health. Video conferencing. Skype. Facetime.

    The information technology that allows us to shrink global distances by holding meetings with faraway colleagues appearing on small screens at our desks can give us a false sense of connection and security. We are too easily lulled into the belief … Read more

  • Industry Knowledge

    Why Brand Matters in Health Care

    Apple CEO Tim Cook recently came to Capitol Hill to defend his company against charges of tax avoidance. At stake was more than a whopping potential tax bill for the electronics manufacturer; the Apple brand, the most valuable in the world, was also at risk. In an age of both … Read more

  • Leadership Insights

    When Good Teams Go Wrong

    When things go wrong in a hospital—on either the clinical or administrative front—we are often left wondering how a dedicated and thoughtful team of people could have jointly participated in the decisions and actions that led to the failures. Recent stories in the news may give us a clue.

    Problems … Read more

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