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    Why we need personalized oncology

    About five years ago, I met a woman who changed my life. I’m an oncologist and a palliative care doctor, and at the time I was director of the Duke Cancer Care Research Program, both leading research efforts and seeing patients. Monday was my clinic day, caring for people with … Read more

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    A giant leap towards managing chronic disease?

    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has made a revolutionary change in their reimbursement policies – a change that I hope will inspire other payers to follow suit. For the first time, CMS will pay physicians $42 a month for non-face-to-face counseling via secure digital messaging.

    CMS deserves … Read more

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    ACAView: Data, insights and the cloud

    Leveraging the data-rich insights of cloud-based services is one tool health care organizations use to influence patient and provider behavior — with the ultimate goal of improving quality and lowering costs. But the same data can also be used to track national health trends.

    The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Katherine … Read more

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    False memories generate persuasive truths

    There has been much written lately about the tendency of people to develop false memories about events they have witnessed or experienced. I’m not talking about folks who intentionally mislead themselves or others about a given series of actions or events—perhaps, say, to alleviate guilt or horror. I’m talking about … Read more

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