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    What’s missing from mobile health?

    Searching for health and fitness apps on the iTunes app store turns up approximately 2,200 results. There are calorie counters, activity trackers, heart rate monitors, virtual fitness coaches and every other conceivable permutation.

    The quantity should grow even larger thanks to Apple’s latest product release, the Apple Watch, a wrist … Read more

  • Industry Knowledge

    Digital delivery in health care cannont be ignored

    Blockbuster. Tower Records. Borders Group. Kodak.

    They are all examples of companies that did not adapt to the digital disruption facing them. By the time they attempted to, however, it was too late. New competitors were sending DVDs to customers by mail and then eventually streaming content online, iTunes replaced … Read more

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    How to treat patients like customers

    When customers to superstore chain Target were recently asked to rate their satisfaction with their in-store experience, the three highest-scoring sections of the chain were Target’s pharmacies, the medical clinics, and the in-store Starbucks outlets.

    Think about that for a second. Target’s medical clinics receive higher customer-service ratings than Starbucks, … Read more

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