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    Think small: mining little data

    Big data is the latest buzzword to get tossed around health care. And for good reason: the possibilities that come from harnessing its power to improve organizational performance have seduced many of the nation’s health care executives.

    Yet, while health systems are pouring time, money, and massive effort into crunching … Read more

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    Getting more with less

    Pioneer ACOs are allegedly the best at managing population health more affordably. Yet even among those health care systems chosen to lead the shift to value-based care, only about a third were able to lower per capita spending by 2.5 real percentage points—the drop needed to stabilize health spending’s share … Read more

  • Leadership Insights

    Regionalization: The hard yet necessary work of tearing down silos

    There is a certain business logic to having a McDonald’s or Starbucks every two miles but that same logic doesn’t apply to cardiovascular surgery programs. Consolidation produces service-line duplication for health systems operating multiple facilities within a given market.

    While expanding reach and access are key priorities for any health … Read more

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