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    Health Systems to Face Tougher Pricing Environment

    During the last decade, the healthcare industry has consolidated furiously.  Hospital-based health systems have snapped up independent facilities and smaller systems, creating national and regional “mega-systems” with thousands of beds in acute care hospitals and post-acute facilities. To secure their competitive positions, these growing health systems have hired large numbers … Read more

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    ICD-10 Delay Negative Reinforcement for HealthIT

    The Senate voted Monday evening to approve a temporary patch to the sustainable growth rate that will prevent deep Medicare cuts for another year. If the president adds his signature to the measure, it will be the 17th such patch that Congress has passed since the inception of the SGR … Read more

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    Redesigning the Patient Medication Experience

    Medication adherence for chronic disease management is a complex and important problem for health care. When people don’t take their medications, they don’t get well, and it leads to increased healthcare costs. An increasing number of companies are therefore focusing on designing solutions for adherence, both high-tech and low-tech. But … Read more

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