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    The challenges of rural medicine

    Rural medicine poses special problems for physicians and health centers. It’s tough enough getting people to go to the doctor for preventive care when they live 10 minutes down the road, but rural patients often live an hour or more away on mountain roads that turn treacherous in the winter … Read more

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    Do we really learn from our mistakes?

    It’s often said that we learn from our mistakes. Indeed, many a business course in leadership offers that premise as a given. I’ve glibly repeated this often in my classes, speeches, and advisory work.

    “You don’t learn from your successes,” I point out, “but rather from your errors.”

    But do … Read more

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    What Health Care Can Learn from Warren Buffett

    Health care leaders face an enormous challenge today as their industry undergoes dramatic change and upheaval: how to confidently allocate resources in the face of an inherently uncertain future.

    To the journalist and author William Green, such pressure is commonplace in the investment industry, where investors routinely place enormous bets … Read more

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