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Digital Check-in
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Yosi’s innovative mobile app was developed out of the need for an improved patient experience and front office productivity, reducing paperwork.
Patients can easily create and securely complete their check-in from the convenience of a mobile app with a few clicks - before they’ve arrived at the doctor’s office. 
Medical practices receive their own intake forms pre-filled with patients’ information. That means patients won’t have to waste time filling out paperwork at the waiting room or at point of service while the front office receive their intake forms ahead of a patients visit.

  • Help patients virtually check-in before their visit without filling forms
  • Receive patients’ pre-filled intake forms with copies of scanned insurance cards
  • Send appointment reminders and reduce no-shows
  • Refer patients to your referral network
  • Details
    • Capability

      Digital Check-in

      Requires integration with

      athenaClinicals® and athenaCollector®

      Yosi helps your patients complete their check-in before their visit to your office. Your practice will receive patients’ demographic, clinical and medication data - all pre-filled on your own intake forms. More importantly you will receive a scanned copy of the patients’ insurance cards and photo id — so your front office staff doesn’t need to scan when the patient arrives. 

      The patient’s data is seamlessly integrated with your athenahealth workflow all before a patient visit. Imagine your waiting room with no paperwork, no scanning insurance cards or transcribing patient’s data.
      That means more accurate medical records, greater patient satisfaction, and even faster appointment times.