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Recovery Management
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Trainer Rx

Designed for healthcare providers by board certified orthopedic specialists, Trainer Rx is delivered in an easy to use format. Our web based rehabilitation pathways and dynamic exercise videos engage and educate patients. Healthcare providers have the ability to view, track, and adjust patient pathways. Our built-in data collection process provides reliable performance data in a resource efficient way.


  • Outcomes data and patient satisfaction: captures and scores patient reported outcome data and patient satisfaction information
  • Patient accountability- patient progress and engagement is captured and displayed in a dashboard display for both the clinician and patient
  • Evidence-based medicine pathways are prepopulated with the ability to easily customize individual practitioners needs

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    • Capability

      Recovery Management

      Requires integration with


      Step by Step User Experience -

      The clinician prescribes Trainer Rx to a patient by introducing it to them at the point of diagnosis.

      The provider or staff will log into their Trainer Rx account. The patient’s demographic information is automatically pulled from athenaClinicals with just the touch of a button. 

      The patient then receives an email invitation from Trainer Rx. They sign into the application and begin their journey to recovery.

      Trainer Rx provides a customer support line for any questions related to the product.

      Benefits and Features - 

      Expert Medical Team - 
      Our Team is comprised of medical experts. We understand the challenges of practicing medicine and want to help you simplify taking care of patients, while addressing current and rapidly changing healthcare demands.

      Patient Reported Outcomes - 
      Our state of the art software automatically captures patient reported outcomes at research based intervals. No more having your patients fill out paper questionnaires and compiling this data yourself. 

      Provider/Patient Dashboard -
      Both the patient and provider can view the patient dashboard. This gives the provider the ability to easily monitor the patient’s rehabilitation progress and adjust their care plan as needed. 

      Rehabilitation Pathways -
      We offer an extensive, ever expanding library of protocols. From Rotator cuff tendonitis to total knee arthroplasty, we have the diagnoses you need.

      Convenience -
      Your patients have the ability to do their rehabilitation anytime, anywhere, on any device. Patients love the ease and flexibility our program offers.

      Perioperative Instruction -
      We provide educational videos and research articles related to the patient’s diagnosis leading to a more informed, satisfied patient.

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