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Chronic Care Management
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ThoroughCare CCM

ThoroughCare gives practices the right tools to implement their own in-house chronic care management (CCM) program.  All of the required elements of CCM 99490 are simplified when using ThoroughCare.  ThoroughCare’s patient-centered care-plan assessment, time-logging and monthly updates help to make CCM an efficient program for your practice.  ThoroughCare customers experience a substantial new revenue stream from Medicare by participating in this new program.


  • Automates the required Patient-Centered Care Plan and updates
  • Easily track, log and report the required 20 minutes per patient per month

  • Details
    • Capability

      Chronic Care Management

      Requires integration with

      athenaClinicals® and athenaCollector®

      ThoroughCare’s CCM solution was designed for practices who want an easy way for THEIR STAFF to perform the CCM 99490 requirements with their patients.  By managing your own program in-house, your patients will engage directly with your staff and not a 3rd party group.  By using your own clinicians, you’ll receive most of the CCM revenue, even if hiring additional resources to grow your CCM program.  

      ThoroughCare also makes it easy to track the “non-face-to-face” tasks which you and your team already perform (such as:  Reviewing labs/tests, making referrals, refilling prescriptions).  All of these items can count towards the 20 minutes / month of “non-face-to-face time” requirement and are easy to track in ThoroughCare.

      ThoroughCare helps practices to meet all of Medicare’s requirements:

      • Enroll patients into CCM and capture their consent
      • Create a comprehensive Patient-Centered Care Plan
      • Log and track monthly time
      • Save clinical summaries directly to the patient’s chart 
      • Create a copy of the Care plan for the patient
      • Automatically generate claims for athenaNet to bill to payer
      • HIPAA-compliant

      To see a full demo of ThoroughCare right now, click here:

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