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DocASAP helps drive patient acquisition and retention for providers through intelligent online appointment scheduling using the provider’s website as well as search engines, consumer sites and health plan doctor finders. Providers can see an increase in revenue due to new patients entering into their system, as well as reduced costs since staff time spent on the phone can decrease. Actionable communication nurtures and empowers patient relationships, leading to reduced no-shows and the ability to fill last-minute cancellations. The platform helps improves business processes by utilizing comprehensive and robust analytics to drive smarter operational behavior.


  • Connects patients to the right providers through extensive online search capabilities and scheduling protocols from any device across several online channels
  • Engages patients through actionable communications pre- and post-appointment 
  • Optimizes operational processes through aggregated patient population behavior and real-time analytics

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      DocASAP connects optimal care providers with their patients by intelligently matching patient needs with care delivery workflows and simplifying timely access through online scheduling across digital pathways that patients use and trust.  DocASAP has a seamless integration with athenahealth, so new patient appointments simply appear in the athenahealth practice management system; it is very low-touch.

      Features include:

      1. Increased market reach. Online search capability increases the market reach for provider access through websites that patients trust.
      2. Optimal provider matching. Custom scheduling protocols allow for accurate appointment scheduling with the right physician in a timely manner, in addition to supporting ancillary services (e.g. imaging, labs, urgent care).
      3. Proactive communication. Patients receive reminders, appointment information and forms to prepare for their visit. Following the appointment, patients receive surveys to review patient experience.  
      4. Data insights. Providers can analyze trends in patient behavior to help match patient supply with provider demand while improving operational processes.