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Clinical Decision Support
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Avhana Health

For providers, Avhana Health supports your pre-visit planning and quality management programs by empowering you to chart interventions before the encounter and monitor your performance. For practices, Avhana Health helps you continually monitor your quality performance site-wide and intervene by queuing orders for subsets of patients.

  • Dashboard for pre-visit planning
  • Patient-specific recommendations for care
  • Corresponding order suggestions that submit to athenaNet®
  • Details
    • Capability

      Clinical Decision Support

      Requires integration with

      athenaClinicals® and athenaCollector®

      Providers, make the most of patient time.

      Avhana Health helps you prepare for appointments efficiently and effectively. At a glance, providers see a dashboard with patient-specific recommendations based on the latest guidelines from selected value-based care programs. Updated lab results and other relevant patient data sit alongside these recommendations for context, helping providers decide which orders to queue up in athenaNet a full day before the patient steps into the exam room. These same recommendations can also be accessed through the patient-specific recommendation page inside athenaClinicals.

      Administrators, know where you stand.

      Our management dashboard logs all measures taken by your providers and flags missed recommendations to remedy at follow up visits. For example you can view all patients that are coming in and are due for flu shots.  Administrators can then queue up the associated intervention like flu shots for their providers.  Avhana Health can help you achieve more comprehensive care for your patients and optimize reimbursements for your practice.

      Avhana let's you apply clinical decision support to population health. 

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