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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I get started using athenaNet®?

    athenahealth Response: The athenaClinicals® server provides an http interface which is only available over SSL. To access the athenaClinicals application, clients need to do the following:

    1. Login to an internet-accessible computer, and open Internet Explorer 7 or higher
    2. Browse to
    3. A pop-up message, “This utility will configure your browser for athenaNet.” You will be presented with a security warning: click “Yes.” Then, click “Configure Browser” to be presented with the browser configuration process.
    4. A second pop-up window will appear, “Clicking on the ‘Configure Browser’ button will configure your Internet Explorer settings for athenaNet.” The client should choose “Configure Browser” to proceed.
    5. Choosing “Configure Browser” will configure the following for the client’s installation of Internet Explorer:
      • Underline anchors
      • Sets the cache frequency updated to ‘Every Visit to Page’
      • Disables auto-form completion
      • Disables caching of passwords
      • Disables the javascript debuggers
      • Disables auto-checking for a new version of Internet Explorer
      • Sets Print Background to Yes
      • Sets the print margins from 0.2 all the way around, and clears the header and footer.
      • Empties the Temporary Internet Files folder when the browser is closed.
      • Disables the reuse of windows for launching shortcuts
      • Sets the HomePage to
      • Enables File Download
      • Enables Automatic prompting for file downloads. (This is a Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later setting).
      • Accepts the ActiveX application to install for
      After successful configuration, the browser will be ready for optimal, SSL-encrypted operation of the application. In addition, the client should also be sure to manually add to the list of Trusted Sites for IE. This is done by doing the following: Choose Tools > Internet Options > Security > Sites. Add to the list. Be sure to check “Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone” to ensure SSL is set up.
  • What data is migrated from our old system and what happens to our old A/R?

    athenahealth Response: athenahealth imports patient schedules and patient demographic data where necessary. We do not import patient insurance information.

    Benefit to You: Our goal is to give you clean information so that you have accurate information to generate clean claims. We do not import old accounts receivable records as this would impair the ability to produce clean, clear and meaningful reporting. You may temporarily maintain your old system to resolve unpaid claims.

  • Can there be separate fee schedules set up by physician/clinic?

    athenahealth Response: Yes.

    Benefit to You: Clinics may have different fee schedules. These schedules will be set up during the implementation process and are easily maintained.

  • Who would maintain/update the fee schedules?

    athenahealth Response: athenahealth and each practice

    Benefit to You: The practice, along with our implementation team, loads the initial fee schedules. The practice is then responsible for maintaining the fee schedule on an ongoing basis. This provides the practice with optimum control over their fees.

  • Insurance selection: How many insurances comprise the most commonly used list?

    athenahealth Response: The number of insurance plans listed on this screen is at the discretion of the practice.

    Benefit to You: For setup, typically a practice may enter 25 insurances and would then tailor the list at a later date.

  • Does my practice or medical group need special software to use athenahealth services?

    athenahealth Response: No. Users simply need to have Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher and a high-speed Internet connection (Minimum: business class DSL, cable, broadband, or T1.)

    Benefit to You: Our solution is easy to set up, use and maintain.

  • How will athenaNet interact with my existing antivirus or malware detection software?

    athenahealth Response: There are no known interactions between athenaNet and antivirus, intrusion detection, malware eradication, and host based firewall software. Our process for identifying issues regarding use of antivirus, intrusion detection and malware eradication is to rely on client-submitted incident reports. Our clients are instructed to report any interactions they experience via the athenahealth Client Service Center (CSC). When incidents are reported, our protocol is to investigate the interaction between the third party product and athenaNet. athenaClinicals has been in use in a production environment since November 2005. To date, no interactions have been reported.

  • Can I buy athenahealth software?

    athenahealth Response: We do not sell our software as a separate, stand-alone product.

    Benefit to You: athenahealth provides continuous, real-time, workflow automation solutions. We use our state-of-the-art tools to deliver these services through an ASP (application service provider) model.

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