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Managing Your Future with the Power of the Cloud

Health care leaders face unprecedented competition and enormous pressures: earning revenue, controlling costs, achieving Meaningful Use, to name just a few. With today’s rapid change, business as usual just doesn’t work in the world of health systems management. Success requires the control, visibility and flexibility that traditional software models simply can't deliver.

athenahealth's cloud-based services offer a better way: Award-winning, continually updated software. Networked knowledge. Comprehensive back-office services. All combined to keep your operations running smoothly and prepared for change, with a proven ROI that lets you manage your future with confidence.

Increase physician and patient loyalty

In today's competitive environment, retaining and expanding connections with providers is critical. And ensuring that your employed physicians work as an aligned, high-performance medical group is a top priority. Our innovative care coordination model makes it easy for all providers to do business with your facilities: They get a time-saving order process, you get full visibility into order patterns, and patients get a better experience.

Insight into order patterns from community physicians

Not having a clear sense of the origin and frequency of your incoming orders can be frustrating—and can affect revenue. With athenahealth, you'll know exactly where orders are coming from, and with what regularity. You'll have the informational arsenal to focus on particular providers within your community, and keep them satisfied with a speedy, closed-loop order process.

Better care coordination for local providers

If you want to be a provider's favorite order facility, make their life easy. That's what we do on your behalf, with a cloud-based service that lets physicians send orders quickly and cleanly, without burdensome administrative work or IT costs. You'll share a better model of care coordination, one that makes it significantly easier to do business with you.

A new level of patient satisfaction

We bring together our cloud-based software and back-office services to satisfy the most important people in the care cycle: your patients. Our teams handle all pre-registration work for patients coming to your facility, and our software ensures a single instance of order information, available to all. The result: An easy, “red carpet” experience for patients.

Easy, automatic connections to providers

By joining our cloud-based network, you have instant access to providers without paying for additional interfaces—and they have a connection to you. Your organization will have immediate connections to the care givers in your community, who can easily flow orders and patient information to your facilities.

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Thrive in an evolving reimbursement environment

New reimbursement models such as ACO and PCMH introduce massive uncertainty into the business of health care and health system management. And the labor dedicated to keep up with such change can be costly. athenahealth does it for you, staying on top of all payer changes, as well as requirements for risk-based reimbursement models, and quality and shared savings programs. We continually update software for you at no additional charge. You get maximized revenue opportunities and organization-wide program alignment.

Fewer denials, effective tracking of quality program data

We believe care givers should be financially rewarded for delivering quality care. No matter the payers or reimbursement mix that your health system depends on, our Rules Engine and expert teams keep up on the changing payment environment to ensure you're up-to-date and receiving the optimal revenue for your efforts.

Program compliance with less management and lower cost

Deciding to align your organization's care with a quality program, from Meaningful Use to the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) model, shouldn't be expensive to support. With athenahealth, you won't get hit with unexpected upgrades or medical billing add-ons: Deployment occurs online, in the cloud, and includes technical support and coaching.

Constantly evolving platform and payment knowledge

Whatever the payment model, our cloud-based platform is uniquely positioned to support it. Capitation, fee-for-service, risk-based... we stay on top of changes throughout the industry and quickly respond, infusing our online network with timely updates to get you paid and enable growth.

Our Patented Billing Rules Engine Keeps Clients Current

See how our patented Billing Rules Engine works, getting stronger and smarter (over 40 million payer rules), poised for any payment scenario.

Flexibility Benefits a 500+ Physician System

Our cloud-based services help Cook Children's Health Care System stay aligned and on top of change.

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Align and influence point-of-care decisions

Satisfying Meaningful Use and other quality care programs requires flexible software and deep insight into optimal clinical practices. Our cloud-based services analyze relevant revenue programs, determine workflow improvements, and influence provider behavior across your community with a single update. The benefits are unmistakable, proven by our industry-leading 85% Meaningful Use attestation rate of our eligible providers.

Visibility into clinical practice patterns and ordering information

Our cloud-based network reports on clinical process and ordering patterns, regardless of your patient volume; care decisions informed by that data yield more consistent referral behavior, performance improvement and high quality outcomes. You develop your care strategy by way of relevant insight, not incomplete information or guesswork.

Organizational policy adopted across your physician community

As you enact changes in your clinical care protocols—to maximize compliance with quality standards or meet reimbursement rules—we build guidelines directly into the physician workflow for your entire organization. No IT upgrade costs, no service fees, and no disruption to provider productivity. Your physicians and their staff can easily satisfy clinical needs as they work through their encounters.

Greater delivery of high-quality outcomes

athenahealth's closed-loop order system for care coordination delivers clearer control for your health system’s management of patients and follow-up within the care process. Clinical information is easily shared, flowing efficiently from physician to facility and back, paving the way for better care and quality outcomes.

Empowering Level 3 Patient-Centered Medical Home Certification

We helped Valley Medical Associates successfully reach NCQA Level 3 Patient-Centered Medical Home status.

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Control costs and increase revenue

You want to improve your hospital or health system's revenue. But complicated industry changes and a lack of operational insight make it tough to know where to start. Our network gives you full visibility to physicians' performance and your processes, which our teams help improve so you can sustain a healthy operating margin.

Improved financial and clinical performance

Our proven, 5-stage workflow optimizes physician productivity and revenue cycle efficiency, enabling increases in both patient volume and collections. All clinical encounters are maintained on our cloud-based network, so you have access to comprehensive performance measurements. When an improvement is needed, we embed changes right into the workflow for your entire provider community.

Better visibility into overall business processes

We help eliminate strategic guesswork from your health systems management by providing a unique, transparent view of your entire business operation. Gain real-time insight to order patterns, schedule density, and clinical continuity and alignment, all via our continually updated cloud-based network.

Swift, proactive response to industry

Optimizing revenue requires staying on top of payer changes, new reimbursement models and quality measure revenue opportunities. And it's nearly impossible with a stand-alone piece of software. Our experts stay current on payer rules, regularly updating our patented Billing Rules Engine. They also research Pay-for-Performance (P4P) and other quality programs, adding requirements to our Quality Management Engine. You see immediate, positive impact on clinical behavior.

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

With our cloud-based network, you'll never pay for upgrades and there are no maintenance fees. More important, you'll gain far greater control over staff size as our service teams take on your most time-consuming busy work. Lower costs, fewer headaches. And we have “skin in the game,” aligning our financial goals with yours: We get paid only when you do.

Creating Efficiencies Across Wright State Physicians' 23 Locations

Our cloud-based services bring bottom-line efficiencies to Ohio multispecialty group Wright State Physicians, from medical billing to care coordination.

An Important Regional Group Is Saved

Read how Hudson Headwaters Health Network went from ruin to financial viability in 18 months.

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Manage organizational growth

As you grow your system, it can be prohibitively expensive—or impossible—to expand a conventional IT infrastructure. Our cloud-based, easily scalable technologies are ideal for rapid expansion, letting you and your leadership team effectively plan and execute organization-wide growth, at minimal cost.

Complete visibility into your community

Your big-picture growth strategy demands access to critical data. athenahealth puts it at your fingertips. Track order patterns, clinical decisions and financial performance, all in real time. As you determine methods to boost profit and increase market share, comprehensive reports keep you constantly informed—and equipped with insight.

Scalable, low-cost IT infrastructure

Our cloud-based network requires just two technology tools from its users: An Internet connection and a PC. This allows you to execute on growth plans without incurring out-of-control expenses for servers, upgrades and maintenance. Those costs don't exist with athenahealth. And our services scale quickly to your needs, with minimal capital expenditure.

Rapid, low-risk on-boarding as you expand

However you expand your physician community, we make it easy for your providers to adopt our software and services, without disrupting quality-of-care or productivity. We've streamlined implementation to be both rapid and comprehensive, eliminating the risk of performance degradation as you build your network.

Freedom to focus on your core competencies

Consider the time your staff spends on administrative tasks, everything from tracking claims to routing order results. We believe a health system should be able to focus on caring for patients and optimizing business, not toiling over paperwork. With our unique co-sourcing model, your staff only manages those tasks that make sense for you to do, and we take care of the rest.

Behind the Scenes with our Meaningful Use Team

Meet our team of MU experts, whose dedication led to an industry-leading 85% attestation rate of our eligible providers.

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Reduce risk

An outdated technology platform can pose a risk to your balance sheet. At best, it can require costly upgrades to keep up; at worst, it can become an obsolete, financial liability that compromises growth opportunities. Cloud-based services like ours are nimble and flexible, with a lower cost-of-ownership than conventional, stagnant IT models. You can safely grow your network, with lower capital expenditures and lower operating costs.

Flexible platform that supports long-term operating ROI

The conventional software-server model is far too rigid to handle the swift speed of change in health care. Our online, cloud-based approach gives you the flexibility to respond to change even as you expand. You can implement new care decisions or take on a reimbursement program, with all necessary changes embedded into your workflows. There are no additional costs, and no software add-ons.

Greater physician alignment with low capital expenditure

When you roll out our services to your provider community, there are no software licensing fees or hardware costs. Our single instance of cloud-based software keeps all care givers aligned to your strategies via a streamlined, easy-to-use workflow. A low barrier-to-entry plus an efficient clinical process: The result is significantly reduced balance sheet exposure.

Faster, more consistent revenue flow

We get your organization paid more, faster, with our combination of cloud-based software, networked knowledge and back-office services. Experience greater provider productivity, cleaner claims, and greater ease meeting quality measures—all reflecting your strategic decisions, all implemented throughout your community.

Creating a Continuum of Care Across Dozens of Providers

Carolina Health Specialists seamlessly connects primary care and hospital-based specialties using our cloud-based services.

Heady Times for Health Care in the Cloud

athenahealth CEO Jonathan Bush believes cloud computing to be a health care necessity. Here's why.

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