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You Can't Opt Out of ICD-10

by Carey Manning, Product Marketing Manager

In a recent survey* of health care providers, 82% said they would have been “not prepared at all” or only “somewhat prepared” for ICD-10 had the deadline remained on October 1, 2014. This is...

January 20, 2015|Categories: ICD10

ICD-10: Do They Mean It This Time?

by Dan Haley, VP of Government and Regulatory Affairs

As athenahealth’s frequent ‘guy in DC’ I’m always asked the same ICD-10 questions: Is the October 2015 deadline real this time? Are the feds going to punt again? They aren’t ever going to...

November 05, 2014|Categories: ICD10

The Waiting Game: Next Steps for ICD-10

by Michael Palantoni, senior manager, product innovation

The latest ICD-10 delay (signed into law in April), has demonstrated that Congress really can get things done — when it comes to legislating procrastination. The delay (not supported by CMS) was brought about by a single...

June 05, 2014|Categories: ICD10

ICD-10 Dismay

by Ed Park, Executive VP and COO

Way back, when we were still struggling to run a successful birthing practice called Athena Women’s Health, I shared a dank, cramped house in San Diego with Jonathan Bush, my brother Todd, and the other athenahealth...

March 31, 2014|Categories: Healthcare Policy and Reform, ICD10

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