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Women of Impact in Health Care

As President of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA), and a woman who is constantly meeting with health care providers as part of my role at athenahealth, I know all too well how outnumbered women are in leadership positions within the industry. So it was especially important to me that HBA’s Woman of the Year, an annual event to celebrate the achievements of remarkable leaders in healthcare from across the industry, both marked a quarter-century of recognizing distinguished women and also honored three women of impact in health care:

Disruptive Technology

Wearables 2.0

We’re currently living in an era where access to data about ourselves — our bodies, activity and behaviors — is more available than ever before. It’s no surprise then that companies and entrepreneurs are devoting time to satisfying the public’s need for what is called the “quantified self.” In fact, in response to the staggering number of employees who expressed interest in tracking their health, athenahealth has partnered with Fitbit to provide athenistas with a super engaging wellness experience. Visit an athenahealth campus, and you’ll see Fitbit users everywhere!

With 67% of the market share in 2013, … Read more

All Things EMR

Community Enables Providers to Collaborate and Share on Patient Portal Adoption & Charting Efficiencies

Allison Dahl, Product Innovation ManagerHere at athenahealth, the mantra of Teach and Learn has become infused in everything we do, and our clients are contributing to this education right along with us. With such a diverse client base — independent physicians, specialists, group practices, hospitals, large health systems, community health centers — we sometimes see different solutions to the same challenge. What if these experiences and approaches could be shared — talk about a real instance of teaching and learning.

This past spring we launched an online community (on the cloud, of course) for physicians, practice managers, nurses, you name it, to share their … Read more

Meaningful Use | Patient Engagement

How We Met Difficult Meaningful Use Stage 2 Measures While Improving Care into 2014, we knew we had our work cut out for us at our practice: We’d be attesting to Meaningful Use Stage 2 and transitioning to ICD-10 all within the same year. And since ICD-10 preparation was starting 10 months out from the transition date, as recommended, we knew we needed to tackle Stage 2 the first quarter of 2014, so we could really focus on ICD-10 needs closer to the October deadline (which has now been delayed of course, but that’s another blog post…)

Having successfully survived Stage 1, we were optimistic about meeting Stage 2 … Read more


How Hospitals Will Thrive and Win

As utterly terrifying as it is to have recently published my ideas on health care in a book – nailed them to the mast with an uncomfortable permanence – there have also been many surprising upsides. I’m just coming off a whirlwind two-month roadshow of keynotes and panel discussions structured around the themes of the book that has left me humbled and inspired. There was the moment speaking at Boston Children’s Hospital where tears flowed as I told the story about Morgan, a girl suffering from an auto-immune disorder, who posted a YouTube video asking her care team not to … Read more

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