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Top ICD-10 Codes for Your Fourth of July Weekend

by Michelle Mangino, Social Media Manager

For those reading this ICD-10 blog series for the first time, don’t worry. This isn’t your typical ICD-10 post intended to test your ICD-10 preparedness or reinforce best practices and tips for success. (I recommend you read our other ICD-10 blog posts for all that.) Instead, this series exists only to highlight some of the zaniest ICD-10 codes we can find. You’ll likely never need them, but they sure are fun to share around the office. And if you are familiar with the series, and are returning for more ICD-10 fun, thanks!

Ready for this month’s zany codes? Since the Fourth of July is just around the corner, these codes may (or may not) be associated with the types of things that may occur around the summer celebration of our nation’s birth. Who knows, depending on where your practice is located across the country, these may even come in handy. (Okay, maybe not, but we’re going for laughs here, so just play along.) Here are the four codes:

1. X97 - Assault by smoke, fire and flames

Your standard fistfights can escalate to a whole new level when fireworks are involved.

2. V91.05 - Burn due to canoe or kayak on fire

Two things that do not mix: wooden canoes and charcoal grills. Keep the cooking on land. There will be plenty of time for canoeing after the hot dogs and burgers.

3. W13.1 - Fall from, out of or through bridge

If you think that watching fireworks from your local bridge is a good idea, chances are you’re not alone – good views draw large crowds. People should either stay far away from the edge or wear their swimmies. Just in case.

4. V91.34 - Hit or struck by falling object due to accident to sailboat

Everyone knows the lakes and channels can get awfully busy on the fourth of July. In the event that someone’s dinghy dings another’s sailboat, and some such piece of apparatus from the sailboat dislodges and falls from the sky, well, then there might be use for this code. Please advise sailors to bring a hard hat.

Have you started reviewing some of the ICD-10 codes? Come across any that are particularly odd, funny or interesting? Tweet them to @athenahealth or share them in the comments below and we’ll incorporate them into an upcoming zany ICD-10 code post. 


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Submitted by J Harrah - Friday, June 19, 2015

Great fun reading your take on the ICD-10 codes. We all should laugh a little over this coming change. Thank you

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