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Winner of two Best in KLAS awards5, our medical billing and practice management
services help caregivers get paid more, faster, with far less work.

Streamlined, Cloud-Based Billing Services

Access our continually updated software with just an Internet connection and a laptop, while our teams track claims, payer rules and more.

Low-Cost Investment Model

With our cloud-based software, you never pay for servers, licenses or updates. Just a monthly fee that’s aligned with your practice collections.

Delivering Clean Claims Automatically

Once we identify a claim error, our patented Billing Rules Engine automatically prevents it from occurring again–for every athenahealth provider.

athenahealth Teams Working For You

We check insurance eligibility, track claims, monitor and implement payer rules changes, review and coach your practice performance, and more.

Invested In Your Success

In our commitment to caregivers, we align our financial goals with yours. Our success depends directly on the success of our 59,000+ providers.

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athenahealth is proud to be recognized as the industry leader in helping caregivers thrive, with five Best in KLAS awards for 2013, including #1 Overall Software Vendor. Learn more

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Reduce work and increase collections with our billing & practice management solution.

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You don't need multiple health care IT systems—you only need one. Maximize practice performance and ROI with our suite of fully integrated, Best in KLAS* services.

59,000 client success stories and counting...

  • 1-6 Physicians

    “One of the most challenging things is chasing the money… we see how many days we have in accounts receivable and we see how long it takes to turn around a claim per insurance carrier, and so we see where we need to do more work.”

    Bernadette Sheridan, MD, Grace Family Medical Practice More Stories
  • 7-35 Physicians

    “Our time from invoice going in to collecting money is about 16 days. Before that, it was about 60-90 days. You can’t run a practice waiting for money to return three months later after a service is given.”

    Ronald Romear, MD, Infants and Children Pediatrics More Stories
  • Large Groups and Health Systems

    “I actually have to push my staff to book me to my capacity cause I’m bored now. My same-day encounter close rate is 100% - there’s never an encounter that’s not closed. And mostly it’s done before they walk out of the room.”

    Randall D. Gehle, DO, Caromont Medical Group More Stories
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