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Patented Billing Rules Engine

With our medical Billing Rules Engine, your medical billing software gets smarter every day. Containing more than 40 million payer rules and insight gained from practices across the network, the Rules Engine automatically identifies problems before a claim is submitted. Denial prevented. And you can get paid faster.

Payer and Claim Intelligence

Our Payer Intelligence team stays on top of change for you, so you can focus on care. We research new insurance payer rules and continuously learn from claims submitted throughout our network of more than 52,000 providers, including in our PayerView report. Our medical billing software is then updated to keep your claims clean.

The ICD-10 Guarantee

We’re committed to ensuring your ICD-10 success. Our dedicated team of medical billing experts are focused on providing you with the smoothest possible transition to ICD-10. We even offer the industry’s only ICD-10 guarantee: We’ll be ready for the ICD-10 change, or you don’t pay us until we are.

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Our Best in KLAS services improve your workflow and cash flow; on average, providers reduce days in accounts receivable (DAR) by 29% and boost collections by 6%.1

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