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  • Your ICD-10 Checklist: Getting Ready for October 1

    ICD-10 is coming on October 1, 2015, and without proper, well-timed planning, your practice could be facing a difficult and costly transition. But how can you tell if you're on the right track?

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  • Improving EHR Usability and Health Care Design

    EHRs get in the way. We’re an EHR service, and even WE think so. Instead of helping providers deliver better care, EHRs often leave them disconnected from patients—and each other.

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  • Breaking Up with Your EHR: Strategies for the Switch

    If you’re ready to dump your EHR, you’re not alone. According to KLAS, nearly 50% of providers are looking to replace their unsatisfactory EHR. Switching can seem risky—but if you're with a vendor that isn’t meeting your needs, the benefits far outweigh the barriers.

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  • Few health care initiatives carry as great a potential for financial disruption. The number of ambulatory diagnosis codes will increase about fivefold, threatening your productivity and revenue flow.

    When attesting to Stage 2 Meaningful Use, patient engagement is more than important—it’s mandatory. But what does it mean to truly engage patients in their own care?

    Faced with mounting costs and declining reimbursement, many physicians are feeling pressured to give up on private practice. While this may be the right choice for some, many are seeking other options.

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