The ICD-10 deadline has changed.
But athenahealth is ready.

The U.S. Government has delayed the ICD-10 deadline yet again. The health care industry
may not be ready now—but we are. And our ICD-10 Guarantee remains the same:
If we're not ready, you don't pay us until we are.

We take the worry out of ICD-10.
So you can stay focused on patient care.

With roughly five times the number of ICD-9 diagnosis codes, and a record of governmental inconsistency, the ICD-10 transition poses a serious challenge to practices' financial and clinical stability. No matter when the deadline falls, athenahealth clients are confident in knowing they have a partner with a commitment to caregivers and deep experience managing industry change (see our Meaningful Use success). During the ICD-10 transition, we can help keep you free from headaches, hassles or second-guessing.

With a proven combination of cloud-based software, networked knowledge and back-office services, we give you peace of mind. Whenever change happens.

Our software is ICD-10 ready. Now.

athenahealth cloud-based software has been updated for ICD-10 since February 2014, available to every caregiver at once. This has given every provider months to use functionality that easily leads them to the proper ICD-10 code. Our intelligence works for you right in the encounter to minimize any impact on productivity, and keep you in the moment with patients.

And because our software is continually updated and improved in the cloud, there are no disruptive upgrades. And no maintenance fees, ever.

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We monitor and manage ICD-10 readiness.

Not sure of the best ways to prepare for ICD-10? Leave that to us. Our online client Readiness Center in athenaNet is a one-stop shop for practices getting ready for ICD-10. Don't worry about finding all the spots where the ICD-10 change will affect your workflow—we've done it for you.

Each client gets a customized, step-by-step checklist to ready their practice for ICD-10. With each task, they're one step closer to ICD-10 compliance. We also provide a list of the codes that each specific practice uses most often, show how codes "crosswalk" to ICD-10, and provide helpful tools for practicing.

Not an athenahealth client? Prepare for ICD-10 with these helpful tips

We know if your payers are ready.

As a former medical practice, we know that timely claim payments are crucial. So we conduct in-depth insurance payer testing on your behalf, reaching out to payers to understand when they'll be ready to accept ICD-10-coded claims—and which will still need ICD-9 codes.

With the largest network of ambulatory providers in the nation (more than 50,000), we tend to get noticed by payers and keep close tabs on their ICD-10 progress. Once a payer is ready for ICD-10, we can quickly update our cloud-based software for the entire athenahealth network, so claims are submitted correctly—and you get paid as quickly and efficiently as possible. We take on all this preparation and testing to minimize your distractions and maximize your patient focus.

We help you put patients first. Always.

You don't want to get caught up in selecting a diagnosis code when delivering care, so we streamline your ICD-10 code selection. As you enter diagnostic information during the encounter—using easy, standard clinical terminology (SNOMED)—the number of available ICD-10 codes is narrowed, making your code choice easier. We want to protect the time you spend with patients, as well as provider productivity.

We put our own money at risk.

As a former medical practice, we advocate for physicians and have built our business model to reflect that. It's simple: We succeed only when you do. Because we align our overall financial goals with yours, you don't pay us if we're not ready for ICD-10.

There are no hefty start-up or licensing costs with athenahealth, and zero maintenance fees. We keep you on top of ICD-10, Meaningful Use, payer changes and more, automatically.

Learn more about the industry's only ICD-10 Guarantee, only from athenahealth.

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